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What is Mudflap App? How to Use Mudflap App?

Every trucker out there knows what the Mudflap app is. Simply put, the Mudflap app helps truckers change how they refuel their vehicles. The Mudflap App is a fuel-saving app; users can save money on all their fuel purchases while making the process more seamless. 

In this guide, we’ll break down what is Mudflap app and how to use Mudflap app. Let’s dive in. 

How The Mudflap App Works?

The Mudflap app helps truckers streamline the refueling process. If you’re wondering how it works, here’s a breakdown:

  1. Geolocation Technology

Like Google Maps & Apple Maps, the Mudflap App uses the geolocation technology. Whenever a user opens an app, it uses GPS to identify their location and shows all the nearby fuel stations. 

Geolocation tracking ensures that the users can find the closest and most convenient fueling options, saving time & effort for the truckers.

  1. Real-Time Pricing

As truckers, you’ll have to find the best fuel prices wherever you go. The Mudflap app constantly updates fuel prices at all the participating stations. This allows truckers to compare prices and decide where to refuel. A clear idea of the pricing allows users to choose the most cost-efficient option and save money. 

  1. Streamlined Payment Process 

Mudflap finds the best prices and makes paying for fuel super easy. The app integrates with several digital payment methods, allowing users to connect their preferred payment accounts. 

The amount is deducted from their linked account whenever a user purchases fuel. This seamless way of paying for fuel saves both time & money.

  1. Exciting Rewards Program

The Mudflap app also has a rewards program that you can become a part of. Users can earn points for every purchase they make with the app. When points accumulate, users can redeem them for exciting rewards. 

  1. Advanced Fuel Analytics & Monitoring

The Mudflap app offers advanced fuel analytics and monitoring. Users can track fuel consumption, expenses, and mileage through the app. This helps users gain valuable insight into their fuel consumption. This data-driven approach helps users change their driving habits and adopt fuel conservation practices. 

How to Use Mudflap App?

Using the Mudflap app is super easy. Just follow the simple steps we’ve laid out below:

  • Choose the truck stop you want to use, and click on it to get a fuel code.
  • Show the cashier your fuel code, and they’ll turn on the pump.
  • Pump as much fuel as you want.
  • That’s it. Now you can leave. 
  • The amount of fuel will be deducted through the Mudflap app. The amount will be deducted from the preferred payment method you provide.
  • You will receive a receipt from Mudflap immediately. It will clearly show how much you paid for the fuel and the discounted rate.

If you want a paper receipt, you can get it from the cashier. However, the paper receipt will show the pump price of the fuel. After you make the payment on the Mudflap app, you’ll receive a digital receipt that will show the actual price you paid for the fuel after the discount. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the Mudflap App available all over the US?

Yes, the Mudflap app is available in select cities across the United States, and they’re continuously expanding their coverage. 

  1. Can I use the Mudflap app at any fuelling station?

Mudflap is available at a number of fuelling stations. Before fuelling at a station, we recommend that you check the app. 

  1. How do I link my payment account to Mudflap?

Download the app and create an account. Once done, you can link any payment account you want. You’ll be shown a series of “easy-to-follow” instructions on your screen on how to add a payment account. 

  1. Is there a minimum purchase requirement for Mudflap?

No, there’s no minimum purchase requirement. You can use the Mudflap app to purchase any amount of fuel you want. 

  1. Can I use Mudflap for any type of vehicle?

No. Mudflap app is only available for truck fleet owners and independent truck drivers.

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