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REsimpli Review – Real Estate Investing CRM that Makes Life Simple

Managing real estate investment portfolios isn’t always easy. Yet with a CRM tool such as REsimpli a lot of the workload can be streamlined, and efficiency greatly improved.

What is REsimpli and why is it being mentioned as a game changer in the real estate industry? This review should tell you all you need to know about REsimpli and give you an overview of the features that will help you manage your investments and save you time.

Let’s begin with a look at what REsimpli is and why it is making waves in real estate right now.

What is REsimpli?

REsimpli is a comprehensive CRM package designed exclusively for use by real estate investors. Put simply, it brings all strands together in one simple-to-use and easy-to-master package.

Rather than jumping between apps and software to perform necessary tasks, REsimpli allows you to do everything you need from one place.

You can handle all your marketing, sales, and administration tasks using REsimpli, saving you time and effort at the same time. We’ve looked at the major features of this impressive tool so that you can understand what it’s all about.

REsimpli Features – All You Need to Know

REsimpli is replete with many features that have impressed users so far. Let’s run through the major functions of this real estate tool and give you an idea of its worth.

Organization and Analytics

The organisation of data and information is the key to a smoothly operating real estate investment business. Having everything to hand in one place is what REsimpli excels at.

Success in real estate involves being in the right place at the right time and capitalizing on the most likely deals. REsimpli allows this by offering a system that helps identify the most likely deals by way of ongoing data analysis.

REsimpli will show you when there is an investment opportunity or where you have a potentially committed client. Many users find this saves time and allows them to capitalize on the best investment opportunities at the right time.

Verified Contact Details

Among the most time-consuming problems in real estate management are emails and calls bouncing back. Databases are often incomplete or out of date, leading to wasted time.

REsimpli uses a system that goes further than most in verifying contacts from various confirmed sources. This allows the user to be certain they have the right details for potential investors or upcoming deals.

This level of lead generation efficiency is beyond most other CRM real estate tools and is a strong selling point for REsimpli in an industry where time is money.

Driving for Dollars

The ‘Driving for Dollars’ feature is one of the most innovative of all the tools that REsimpli offers. The idea is that it will look for opportunities while you are on the move.

REsimpli will highlight potential investment properties, for example, in the neighbourhood you are currently in. Such efficient use of time means that you can be told of a possible deal while simply driving your car, another time-saving feature of the package.

From now on none of your time getting from place to place is idle, as Driving for Dollars can make you aware of further possible deals while you are in transit.

Cold Calling Made Simple

The bane of many a real estate investor’s life is cold calling. We all experience wasted time when calling leads that prove to be of no worth, so what can REsimpli do to help with this problem?

REsimpli includes ‘Dialer,’ a system that enables you to call directly from the REsimpli platform using information that has been verified and confirmed. This makes the process more streamlined and enhances the efficiency of lead generation.

Many satisfied users have commented on the usefulness of this feature and declared it saves a good deal of potentially wasted time.

Efficient Custom Direct Mail

Direct Mail is a feature of REsimpli that brings the tried and tested method of contacting potential leads up to date.

Allowing you to mail from the platform using data that is known to be current, you can design and present superbly composed and created emails that will catch the eye.

With many design options available, custom emails that will be opened and read are a bonus that can only improve your outreach and lead-generation opportunities.

Automated Follow-Ups

Following leads can be a problematic area of real estate management as it involves keeping track of communications and what stage they are at.

REsimpli does this for you by way of automated follow-ups using either email, SMS, or direct mail. No more manually typing out a follow-up message, as it is all done in a timely fashion. This is one of the features that users find more than useful in saving time and creating viable leads.

Speed to Lead Quick Response Tool

Connecting with leads as quickly as possible is essential in the real estate investment game. All too often a lead is created, left for a while, and then when you contact them, someone else has got in before you.

Speed to Lead is a REsimpli feature that allows you to contact a lead directly within one minute of entering it into the system. This is an invaluable function that ensures you get in first in a market where fast action is essential to beat the competition.

Vendor and Buyer Management

The final tool we want to mention on the REsimpli platform is the simplified and effective Buyer and Vendor Management function. Knowing what stage you are at on all your potential and existing clients and transactions helps keep things under control at all times.

From the above, you will be able to see what the main features and functions of this impressive and popular real estate CRM platform provide. Of course, all this comes at a price, so what will you have to pay to get on board with REsimpli?

REsimpli Pricing – There’s Something for Every Budget

As with most platforms of this type, there are various price plans. What we love about REsimpli is that it offers a free 14-day trial of the system. Furthermore, if REsimpli is not what you are looking for, the cancellation method is simple, and there are no added costs.

If you are happy with REsimpli – and the majority who take the recommended trial are – then here are the pricing plans for you:

Basic – the beginners plan is a simple offer that includes a single phone number, 500 minutes, SMS, and up to 20,000 records plus some of the above features. This will cost $99 per month and is designed for those who are starting out in the real estate investment world.

Pro – aimed at users who are engaged in up to three deals a month, the Pro version of REsimpli enables five users – each with their own phone number – and up to 100,000 on the list. Some of the more advanced features are included in this package, and it costs $299 per month.

Enterprise – designed for users who close more than 4 deals a month, Enterprise comes with unlimited list stacking, 15 phone numbers, and unlimited users. This package is comprehensive and includes all features at $749 per month.

We like the lack of set-up costs and the fact there are no hidden extras with REsimpli. If your package is lacking in a feature available elsewhere that you wish to include you can customize your REsimpli for an additional $79 per month. Talk to REsimpli or visit their website for further customization options and additional details about the platform.

So, is REsimpli worth the investment? Let’s have a quick conclusion drawn from our experience and that of users.


REsimpli is often mentioned as the leading CRM platform in the real estate investment market, but does it live up to its reputation?

We say yes, as do many satisfied users, yet we also say you should try it for yourself rather than diving straight in, as while it should be good for most users, it is not always going to be what you are looking for.

Our recommendation is to try it using the 14-day trial offer. We repeat this is completely free and comes with no obligation and is easy to cancel should you not be satisfied. We also find the pricing affordable given the various functions that this comprehensive CRM offers.

For newcomers to the world of real estate investment the platform is well-designed and easy to get to grips with, and for the experienced user the Pro and Enterprise versions are as impressive as it gets.

With the ability to customize even the Basic package by adding select features REsimpli is highly recommended for all levels of user. Try it now using the 14-day trial that gives you a feel for the platform and how it operates, and we believe you will join many others who fund REsimpli to be invaluable.

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