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Can You Watch Netflix on Apple Watch? Yes, You Can!

Apple Watch is a beast and can do almost everything you can expect. It’s a mini-iPhone wrapped around your wrist. Every Apple Series comes up with something new for the users.

Apart from valuable features like blood oxygen level measuring, ECG readings, heart rate monitoring, and fall detection, you can also use it to keep yourself entertained.

It doesn’t seem far-fetched that you’d also be able to watch Netflix on your Apple Watch. Right? If you’ve tried and failed and are now wondering, “Can you watch Netflix on Apple Watch?” the answer is yes and no.

You cannot download the Netflix app to Apple Watch, but you can still watch Netflix on your Apple Watch. Confusing right?

It’s simple; you can watch Netflix using your Watch’s browser.

In the end, there’s a surefire way to access Netflix on your Apple Watch on your Apple Watch. It requires a little bit of technical maneuvering.

How to Watch Netflix on Apple Watch?

There are two ways to watch Netflix on Apple Watch. Netflix doesn’t have a native app for Apple Watch. Also, as things are going right now, it doesn’t feel like there will be an app anytime soon.

So, how can you watch Netflix on Apple Watch? Let’s go through both options.

1. Use Apple Watch’s Browser

This option would work best if you have any of the latest Apple Watch series (7, 8, or Ultra). The latest devices offer improved hardware and software. Especially the enhanced browser that improves the Watch’s overall capabilities.

But Apple being Apple, you can’t find the in-built browser. The browser isn’t accessible as Apple is hiding it.

The only way you can use the Watch is by using Siri. If you’re adamant about watching Netflix on my Apple Watch and don’t mind the poor user experience, this is the way.

Here are the steps:

  • Press and hold the digital crown on your Apple Watch.
  • When Siri responds, say, “Hey Siri, open Netflix.com/Go to Netflix.com.”
  • Scroll down to the webpage and open the website.
  • Once you have the Netflix web page in front of you, log in to your account.

You can now watch Netflix on your Apple Watch.

2. Mirror iPhone to Your Apple Watch

The second way to watch Netflix on your Apple Watch is complicated. With this method, you will surely be able to access Netflix on your Apple Watch. You must use your Apple Watch and iPhone to watch Netflix.

You’ll need a smart TV or laptop, an Apple Watch, and an iPhone.

That’s a lot of devices, but it’s the perfect requirement if you can’t get your Apple Watch browser to stream Netflix.

Use your iPhone as the streaming/casting device and your Apple Watch as the viewing object.

The setup is fairly easy; almost everyone with basic technical knowledge can do it. Your Apple Watch has a feature that allows you to connect to the iPhone’s camera.

  • Open Netflix on your laptop or smart television.
  • Choose the movie you want to see and select the “Play” option.
  • Open the camera app on your iPhone and position it to face your laptop or television.
  • Launch the watchOS camera on your Apple Watch.
  • Mirror the content your iPhone’s camera sees to your Apple Watch.

Is It Worth Watching Netflix on Apple Watch?

Now that you have the answer to how to watch Netflix on Apple Watch. It’s time to know if is it worth it.

Honestly, the effort to play Netflix on Apple Watch is not worth it. If you can already watch Netflix on your iPhone, Laptop, or Smart TV, what’s the point of going through the effort of watching it on your Apple Watch?

The fact that Netflix already doesn’t have an app for Apple Watch should make it clear.

Can You Watch Movies on Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch is full of surprises and allows you to do things you never thought of. You can send texts, answer calls, and even play games, but there’s no streaming option.

So, can you watch movies on Apple Watch?

The only way to watch movies on Apple Watch is via iMessage or other messenger apps.

Also, there are some restrictions to the length of videos on iMessage; it’s still the only way to watch Videos on Apple Watch. Here are the steps:

  • You need someone to send a video or movie clip with your text message. Or, you can send yourself the text using your iPhone with the video or movie clip attached.
  • Click on the video on your Apple Watch to finally see the video.

Can You Play YouTube on Apple Watch?

You can install some third-party apps on your Apple Watch to play YouTube, but it’s not something we recommend.

You can’t precisely play YouTube on your Apple Watch, but you can play specific videos.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Open the YouTube video you want to play on your iPhone.
  • Click on the Share button under the video.
  • Copy the video link.
  • Send an iMessage to yourself and attach the video link in the text.
  • Open the message on your Apple Watch and click on the embedded video to watch it.


Can I watch Netflix on My Apple Watch?

Netflix doesn’t have an official Apple Watch app, so streaming it becomes tricky. But it’s not impossible. So the answer to how to get Netflix on Apple Watch is complicated.

You can either:
Use Apple Watch’s web browser to stream Netflix.
Use the iPhone’s camera to connect to the Apple Watch and watch Netflix.

Is it worth watching Netflix on Apple Watch?

Now that you have an answer to how to watch Netflix on Apple Watch, it isn’t worth going through so much effort.

You must jump through so many hoops to watch the content on a tiny screen. It’s better to watch the content on an iPhone, Laptop, or smart TV.

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