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Important Factors of Economic Growth

Economic growth happens with the increased production of goods and services in a country. This growth is judged over a fixed time period. As the value of these goods and services increases, it increases the corporate profits. Economic growth has a snowball effect and it generally leads to higher stock prices and a rise in employment numbers. Companies that have a higher capital tend to invest in new businesses. This leads to more consumers spending more money. 

Economic growth is the biggest indicator of a country’s growth. Economists all over the world measure economic growth using specific methods, some factors for measure include inflation or nominal terms. Aggregate growth is commonly measured as the gross national product (GNP) or gross domestic product (GDP).

Factors That Boost Production

Economic growth works by increasing the quality and quantity of the factors of production, which are used in manufacturing a good or service. 

The only way to boost the economy is by increasing the quality and quantity of products and services. The factors of production methods that companies need to build goods and services allow them to earn profits.

There are four primary factors of production, these include:

  1. Land
  2. Labour
  3. Capital
  4. Entrepreneurship


The land is one of the most crucial factors of production. Land doesn’t mean only agricultural land, it also refers to natural resources and real estate. Certain industries and real estate rely on land rather than other resources. Natural resources are used for production and these resources include:

  • Oil and gas
  • Coal
  • Silver, copper, and other metals
  • Other commodities.


Labor consists of the people who are responsible for the production of goods and services and the effort they put forth. These individuals include factory workers, managers, salespeople, and engineers who design the machinery used for production. Similarly, the labor put in by workers who work on the construction of a building site and quality control also come under this category. Each individual is paid according to the time, skill, and efforts they bring to the table. People with highly skilled get paid more in comparison to people with less skill.

The latest inventions and the amount of equipment eliminates the need for physical labor on farms. Automation, equipment, and increased technology are putting a dent in the need for workers. Companies that continue to innovate their production rely less on human labor.


Capital is the culmination of all the assets that are used for business purposes. They’re also used for the production of goods and services. It doesn’t refer to cash only. It describes the assets which include manufacturing plants, machinery, equipment, transportation as well as heavy machinery items used in the production process.

Capital is also an important factor of production which can be cut down or can be increased according to the need. If the market flourishes and expands, corporations can access more capital, so that they can spend and make more investments and continue making a profit. And at times of losses, businesses can choose to cut down on costs and preserve capital to keep up with their profits. This is necessary to ensure the continuance of products and services to the market.


Entrepreneurship is a word dedicated to the visionaries and innovators that build brand new production processes. Entrepreneurs combine all the factors of production to conceptualize a product or service. Entrepreneurs are a major force behind the technical change in any economic system. Technological advancement is a major source of economic growth. 

Entrepreneurship is one of the most integral parts of economic growth. How successful an entrepreneur is will depend on the development of their business plan. 

Career in Goods Carrier

The capital goods sector is an excellent career choice for those people who are interested in creating things. It is an ideal choice for being part of the global supply chain. Everyone became much more familiar with the importance of the supply chain. And the best part is that a career in this industry often comes with great job security. Before you jump in, keep in mind that most of the job opportunities in this sector are in the Labor sector.

There are several job opportunities in the capital goods sector, which are as follows:

  • Utility System Installers
  • Engineering
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Product Designer
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology.

Pros of a career in capital goods sector:

  • Plenty of entry-level opportunities.
  • Opportunities for growth in position.
  • Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle.

Cons of a career in capital goods sector:

  • The work environment can be dangerous.
  • Automation in the industry is reducing dependence on manual.
  • Keeping pace with new technologies.


Economic growth results from multiple factors of production. Continuous labor can generate a huge number of valuable goods. This number increases significantly when an economy undergoes industrialization or other technological revolutions. Which ultimately leads to excellent career opportunities. The main reason people prefer capital goods jobs is that it is diversified and offers a lot of career scope along with high growth opportunities.

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