Instagram SLOW loading

How To Fix Instagram Slow Loading? Instagram Lagging Tips & Tricks 2022

After the latest update of Instagram, there have been several user complaints about loading images and videos, Instagram users complaint regarding Instagram is lagging, why is my instagram lagging, why is my instagram so laggy, instagram lagging when scrolling are growing every day. If you have used Instagram since the latest update, you must have realized Instagram down the problem by yourself. There are countless reasons for Instagram slow loading in recent times. 

Instagram is one of the most beloved social media platforms among users of all age groups. There are over 1 Billion active users every month on the platform. The latest Instagram update has caused things to change for the users and you can find issues of “Instagram lagging“. Let’s have a look at how to solve this problem.

Instagram Lagging Tips & Tricks 2022

1. Check Your Internet Connection

A slow internet connection can cause all kinds of problems while scrolling through any of the social media services. If you are using Instagram on a computer then try switching to an Ethernet connection rather than a WiFi connection. If you are using a mobile application, you should try changing networks to get solve Instagram is lagging problem. 

2. Log In Again in Instagram

Chances are that your mobile application or desktop may be running into some error and causing Instagram slow loading. One of the best ways you can fix that problem is by logging out of your mobile application or desktop version of Instagram. If it solves your trouble of Instagram down then well and good, if it’s not, then try the next step.

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3. Activate Instagram In-Built Feature To Fix Lagging or instagram Slow Loading

Instagram has announced a brand new feature that will help you fix Instagram Slow loading. This feature specializes in loading Instagram faster once out of a proper network. To get the help of this feature follows these steps:

  • Login to your Instagram Account
  • Open Settings in your account
  • Scroll down to account and open settings
  • Click on “Cellular Data Usage”
  • Turn off data saving mode
  • Set the High-Resolution settings to WiFi+Mobile.

This problem will consume data a lot but it definitely will help your app from lagging.

4. Clear App Cache

If your application is full of user data and cache, Instagram lagging can happen. To fix Instagram down or “Instagram Slow down“, you simply have to clear the app cache. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Go to your phone’s Settings
  • Scroll down and tap on Application
  • Search Instagram from the list
  • Tap on Instagram Application
  • Select on clear data

Once through, you will have to login again to use the service. 

5. Uninstall Third Party Applications

A lot of users third-party Instagram applications to keep an eye out for their followers or to check who viewed my Instagram profile? To do this, we log into a third party application with our Instagram username and passwords. These third-party apps can’t be trusted and they can cause Instagram is lagging. Log out of all the third-party applications and change your password. 

Conclusion: Solving Instagram lagging 2022 OR Instagram Slow Loading

There is no limit to the reasons your Instagram account may be lagging. When you go through “Instagram down“, you can follow all the steps mentioned above by us. At least one of these steps is sure to fix your problem.