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The Importance of e-Commerce Packaging for a Business

Customers first see packaging when they get their hands on a product. If the package is elegant, they make up their mind and choose to use it, but if it is dull, the package is left behind. Many businesses keep this strategy in mind and design the package for their product efficiently so that when the customer sees it, they are attracted by the packaging. This is one of the best ways to attract a customer to a product. Apart from advertisement and marketing, many pieces to the puzzle make a product successful in the market.

In the past few months, the latest trend has been going viral on social media, called e-commerce packaging. If you are a business owner and want to know more about this type of packaging, you are in the right place. Elevating the packaging of your products and giving your customers a new experience will make your business shine.

What is Product Packaging?

Product packaging is the process of analyzing, designing, and then creating containers for your products. Online brands and product sellers create branded products and packaging to provide their customers with a unique experience and improve profitability.

At its core, branded packaging experience is choosing how you want to showcase your products. Today, giving a great packaging experience has become a norm for brands. Especially with the rise of terms like “unboxing experience”.

The World of eCommerce

eCommerce has become an important part of our lives. The online shopping environment has become common in almost every household. The best example of this is the pandemic. Almost every single household relied on some kind of online shopping service to fulfill their needs.

Online shopping has grown tremendously over the years. Amazon has ranked at the top for years, and we can even give credit to Amazon for the eCommerce revolution in our society.

  • When the pandemic hit the world, every business owner thought that their business would end because of the hardships that countries all around the world were facing. During this time, people sat inside the comfort of their homes and surfed the internet all day, which led to increased online shopping.
  • In 2020 e-commerce sales increased by 27%, meaning half of the world’s population was busy shopping while they sat inside their homes.
  • Due to this, customers now prefer to shop online rather than go to the market to buy stuff. Sitting inside your home and finding the products you like is more convenient than going out and searching for them.
  • These packages that people ordered were sent out through multiple courier services.

Importance of e-commerce packaging:

E-commerce packaging is significant for many online businesses because that is how they make an impression on their customers. Apart from the excellent quality products they send out, the packaging is also essential.

  • Many complain that when they get their parcel, it is all damaged, and the box it comes in is bruised, making the product inside look terrible.
  • The excitement of receiving an online parcel is unmatched. People place their orders and then start looking out their door when their parcel is going to arrive. This is why businesses need to give their best to their customers.
  • Attractive packaging: As I said earlier, 52% of online customers will likely return to brands that offer attractive packaging. Everything lies in the first impression. If you can make a good impression on your customer, you have to make sure that you maintain your standard
  • Increasing revenues: Interesting and good-quality packaging means the business will generate a lot of revenue. Your loyal customers will keep coming back to your business, and they will also suggest it to their friends and family members.
  • Less shipping time: Speaking from personal experience, I have seen that less shipping time attracts customers. No one wants to wait for three weeks to get a package. Less shipping time makes the package automatically attractive to a customer.

Paying attention to minor aspects of your business can help you flourish and get the results you have been striving for ever since you started your business.

Types of Product Packaging

Before you can ship your products, you need to package them so the products remain safe. There are a few common options for eCommerce packaging:

  • Corrugated boxes
  • Padded mailers
  • Bags and envelope
  • Custom product packaging

Unless and until you’re shipping with something that’s super durable, most products will require some kind of box or cushioning to protect the product. As an online seller, you need to understand what kind of packaging fits your products the best.

If you’re new to the eCommerce world, read the best ways to save money while running an eCommerce store.

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