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Popular methods of making and distributing marketing booklets

The last thing you want to do when it comes to your marketing and distribution channels is create waste. Though marketing is very much situated in a more digital landscape these days, booklets and leaflets still have a place in the modern world. There is something undeniably powerful about reaching someone via a booklet they’d just happened to find at the bottom of their bag that gives them exactly what they’ve been seeking.

But then comes the unfortunate alternate side to booklet and leaflet distribution – a lot of them will probably end up in the nearest bin if we’re being brutally honest. But what are the ways in which you can avoid such a fate?

With marketing, you can look to provide something within the booklet that brings in customers and allows the potential to retain them. Consider coupons, discounts, or special offers based on a code, or even a QR code that takes users directly to the website or application concerning your product or service. Never underestimate the power of something modern and technological on your potential customers.

Think: Printing

You’ll need the right booklet making equipment first and foremost, so consider picking something up that is within your price range. Think of it as a long-term investment too, which in the long run will save you an absolute bundle through cutting out the middleman. Ideally, you want to handle things on your own end, saving time and decreasing your reliance on a potentially unreliable and expensive third party.

You should also understand how many booklets are required for your campaign, otherwise, you could be wasting money or lacking in materials should you be able to reach a higher proportion of prospective clients or buyers. Usually, bulk printing is a great deal more cost-effective, so this might be worth considering. You can save money and time, especially given that it’s unlikely you’ll be campaigning with the booklets or leaflets just once.

Give it away now: your distribution channels

Distribution is the other half of the battle, but there are countless ways in which you can distribute your materials to reach a wider network of prospective customers. Something as simple as a stack of booklets or leaflets in a popular shop or café can get the ball rolling. It’s a low-cost, low-effort method that allows your product or service to do the talking on its own, but it may be a slow method.

You can opt for the classic door-to-door distribution, which may keep the costs down if you do it of your own accord. But for larger networks of customers, you may want to consult a third-party distribution service, allowing you to focus on other areas of the business in the meantime.

Another methods you may have overlooked are newspapers and magazines, which almost always have leaflets or booklets enclosed within. If you include a special offer tailored to your niche, then you may well see a great deal of return on your investment. This could be particularly useful for you if you happen to provide products or services that fall within a more specific market.

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