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Features to Look For in Project Management Software

Managing projects can be a daunting task and in fact, more complex project may require even more complex levels of management comprising of various personalities, moving parts and administrative challenges. It is no wonder that project managers have to invest heavily in systems that will make their work easier, and in effect, ensure efficiency without jeopardizing the core mission of the project. In this article, you will learn the basics of project management software, project management tools and the salient features that make these software to work.

Project Management Software Versus Project Management Tools

Whereas the definition of a software is obvious, that of a tool may be a bit vague. To fully differentiate between the two, it is important to examine their use rather than their definition. A software is a computer program that helps to plan and allocate resources for a project. The software will do task scheduling, monitoring and tracking to ensure the project is delivered in a timely manner and all aspects are responded to. On the other hand, a project management tool is any feature that can singly assist a project manager to effectively plan for a project. It could be in the form of a digital organizer or a performance tracking tool such as a Gantt Chart.

Project Management Software Features 2022

Project Management Software makes work easier through the following features:

Remote Working Features

The Covid 19 pandemic forced many companies to rethink their project management strategies by implementing work from home strategies as means to increase social distancing. Through remote working, companies recognized the importance of project management software in promoting online collaboration on projects. Most project Management software such as Slack combine communication tools with scheduling and task tracking tools thereby eliminating the need for physical offices.

File Sharing and Access

Project Management software allow for easier sharing and access to files. The files are contained in a cloud server, and access is through passwords. A project manager can determine the access to these files through assigning passwords to relevant and authorized members.

Project Planning And Project Scheduling

This is perhaps the most important advantage of project management software in that they allow for a project to be managed by first planning it, and ensuring all necessary resources are in place. Tasks can then be scheduled according to the overall time frame of the project.

Other advantages of project management software are that they allow for better collaboration between team members, better and effective task delegation and enhanced budget management.

What To Look Out For When Selecting A Project Management Software

As the practice of project management develops, certain features have come out as crucial in any project management software. These features such as a Kanban board, task scheduler, Gantt Charts, Dashboard, and reporting among others make project management software more effective in ensuring there is heightened collaboration between members on a platform that allows easier and more effective access to files and resources. Overall, these features are central in the workings of project management software.

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