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5 People Management Tips for New Product Leaders


With the expansion of product groups in corporations, I even have seen a cool development happen: many of us UN agency were once Product Managers – individual contributors – are being promoted to be Product Leaders (Group Product Managers, Product Heads or maybe CPOs).

And there’s an inclination for certifications just like the SAFe POPM Certification to “have Associate in Nursing increasing demand”.

This movement is extremely sensible for the whole product community, as additionally to giving chance to those a lot of senior PMs, it conjointly exposes new vacancies for younger PMs to begin their careers. it is the typical Win-Win state of affairs wherever a lot of folks find yourself having growth opportunities.

However, there’s a degree that’s worrying ME during this whole context, that is that the coaching of those new product leaders in folks management. typically this can be} as a result of those folks that ar being promoted to management positions have often ne’er had the chance to be team leaders in their skilled expertise. As a result, they arrive unprepared for this role and that i see that corporations don’t seem to be paying enough attention to the current downside.

As good individual contributors UN agency have well-tried themselves, these leaders have the data necessary, in theory, to technically train the new PMs that are incoming and even facilitate within the evolution of the opposite PMs of the team UN agency report back to them.

In this article I’ll provide five tips about however new product leaders ought to work with their new groups to become pretty much as good managers as they were as individual contributors – that is what’s really expected of them from currently on, and therewith they generate plenty of a lot of results.

1 – The Distinction between Leading Analysts and Managers: Management vs Aligned Autonomy

First of all, it’s value explaining what I’m business “analysts” are during this article: they’re {people UN agency people that folks that those that those who} don’t seem to be a part of the company’s management layer and who place their hands within the dough directly, that is, there are deliverables that they themselves are accountable.

For example, developers, designers, bismuth analysts, knowledge scientists, monetary analysts, etc. once you lead, you have got a team created of folks at Associate in Nursing “analyst” level – and UN agency within the product space typically find yourself taking part in a lot of tactical/operational role.

You are typically chargeable for directive the work they’ll got to do. to try and do on a lot of small level, particularly the a lot of junior ones, serving to detail tasks and priorities for the week and charging for his or her execution in line with out there deadlines.

And, of course, you as a decent leader UN agency leads by example, and can monitor the execution, and facilitate them build a delivery with a decent technical level, serving to develop their skills.

2 – It all Starts with Building Trust between Leader and staff

There is no leadership while not building trust. There is also a relationship between the boss and also the subordinate, however we all know that being a frontrunner are a few things quite totally different. So, it’s vital that you just as a replacement leader invest time in your relationship with every member of your team.

Understand what motivates them: money? Recognition? Success? Balance between personal and skilled life? Challenge?

Ask them what their goals are in terms of growth and also the future, each in person and professionally: however do they see themselves within the company one year from now? And in 5? What are your life goals? What are your personal goals?

Discover your main fears: what turns you off? What must you as a frontrunner not do? What are their weaknesses and the way do they affect them?

3 – Leading with Context instead of management

When leading managers, and especially product managers, it is super important that you are able to constantly and well understand the business context and the company’s situation. This is because those who are one or more hierarchical levels above tend to have more strategic information than their subordinates. So it’s critical that you have constant, open communication about where the company is going and why.

Only then will the managers under their management be able to make better decisions and be aligned with what the company needs. Not to mention that you also avoid the famous top-downs, which no one likes to do or take. With the context set, even if it is necessary to change the strategy, and in turn the tactics, the reason is clear and the top-down is seen as a lane correction and its deployment is much easier. 

4 – Understanding Your Team’s Individual Motivators

Having a various team is super vital today, after all, having the ability to judge totally different points of read given the variations in terms of gender, people and culture helps plenty to hide points of read that we regularly haven’t got visibility thanks to what’s referred to as bubble filter or bubble result. which alone makes leaders got to affect other ways of thinking, communication and motivating.

But even in less various groups, every person’s individual motivators will amendment plenty, because of every one’s time of life, individual values or maybe education received. that is why understanding what motivates every individual lands up being vital to stay your team’s abilities.

5 – Giving Honest and Timely Feedback

It is not uncommon for folks to figure for months while not receiving any reasonably feedback. Neither positive nor negative. which sucks, in any case if you do not understand if you are doing one thing wrong or sensible, wherever must you focus your efforts? And here comes the surprise within the annual performance analysis wherever everything that happened within the year involves light-weight and is usually used to not provides a raise or a promotion, generating a awfully unhealthy feeling for each the giver and also the receiver.

To prevent this kind of state of affairs from occurring, a decent apply is that you just provide feedback as presently because the reality has occurred and ideally mistreatment the SCI format, that is, situation, behavior, impact:

At first, once taking feedback, it’s vital that the worker is aware of and acknowledges what true is. So, make a case for everything that happened, giving details of however, wherever and once it happened.

In the next step, you need to describe the behavior of the contributor within the mentioned state of affairs. it’s vital to form as few judgments as doable and solely describe what you witnessed, as gossip will reduce from your speech. Finally, it’s necessary to demonstrate the impact generated from the behavior of the worker. build it clear that this is often your perception, therefore the speech are going to be fairer and not show offensive judgment.

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