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The Power of Airport Ads

When you think of advertising, what do you think of? Newspapers are a dying breed. While people still can (and do!) advertise in them, there’s a very minimal guarantee that their customers will act on the sales. TV ads, while still a thing, are getting to be less and less as people switch over to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.  Unless you’re going to be constantly fiddling with the station, radio has a pretty captive audience, but now new services like ad-free XM radio and Spotify are giving listeners choices. Internet ads, by in large, are mostly ignored, and the few times people click on them, they may decide not to purchase anything. 

But what about advertising in a place where you have a captive audience: the airport? By advertising in the airport, you can potentially have thousands or tens of thousands of eyes looking at your ad each and every single day. However, this number will be affected by the size of the airport or airline and the season. If the ad’s catchy (and not annoying!), each time it’s shown is another opportunity to make a good impression. That’s the power of airport ads.

Multiple Impressions Count

There’s a saying in the advertising industry that it takes at least five (5) “impressions” to make a sale. With some people, it could be more. And with people having to travel through terminals often multiple times, wait to board the plane, visit shops, baggage claims, restaurants, and the bathroom all while wasting time, a well-placed ad can give potential customers the impetus to check out the good or service you’re selling. Strategically placed, airport visitors may see the ad potentially a dozen times (or more!) before leaving the airport.

Ways to Advertise 

There are multiple ways of advertising in an airport. One option is “scrolling” ads that appear for a few seconds on a video screen before moving on to the next ad. Another option is stationary ads paper on walls or other publicly visible locations, incorporated into the shuttle bus “wraps” to get people around the airport or inside such conveyances.

A third option is to place ads built into interactive billboards or on large video screens that travel at the same pace as the moving walkways. Depending on where the ad is placed, you may wish to incorporate a QR code or other interactive feature that brings the visitor to the company webpage. Whichever format you choose, you’re sure to have people wondering who the company is and what they’re about, so they’ll want to learn more, so make sure your website makes an equally good impression if you decide to go this route.    

If you’re willing to work with smaller airlines or airports, you might be able to get the advertising at a pretty reasonable rate. 

Target Audience

When thinking about doing airport ads, companies need to ask themselves questions like 

  • Who is our target audience? The narrower the company can make the audience, the better.
  • What will get their attention? What will hold it? Maybe most video ads don’t have sound, and the company decides to include it. Perhaps the airport is simply too loud, and busy to include sound, and the ad(s) have to rely on text alone.  
  • How long will we have their attention? If the ad is scrolling, it may only be on screen a few seconds before scrolling to the next ad. You need to make sure that it can fit in the timeframe allotted. 
  • What good or service do we have that they want or need? 
  • What message are we trying to convey? Is this the right medium to convey the message?
  • Is this ad worth the price? 

Being able to plan the advertising campaign with an audience in mind will help capture more sales as well as avoid wasting money. Whatever audience segment a company decides to go after with their airport ads, it’s best to go through the time and effort to put a presentation that puts their best foot forward.

Airport Ad Pricing

Location is the key when it comes to airport ads. When determining where to advertise, figure out what location your target audience is likely to be traveling through. The higher the traffic, the more the ad will typically cost. But depending on your niche, spending top dollar may not be necessary. Opting for a smaller airport or terminal can have equally good returns if your audience resonates with your company’s message, thus saving you money. 

The season may also affect pricing as well. For instance, you may spend more money during the time around the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year holidays because of the increased traffic, as opposed to off-season travel.

Airport Ad Experts 

Visit the airport ad experts at AdQuick. Their experts will help you craft the perfect ad for your audience and even assist you with where to place your ad.  

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