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Top 10 Zoom Meeting Tips for Big Online Teams

Zoom has entered our lives in the past two years. Even though many teams were using Zoom for video calls, its use frequency and user numbers were pretty low. But then a pandemic came and forced people to spend more time inside. The great majority of companies shifted to online work and Zoom was one of the most used apps in the workplace.

Even though many people see this app or other video-conferencing tools as just a means to see each other face-to-face, they can do more than this. Zoom is a nice app that comes with a lot more features than you think, such as the option to record a Zoom call.

Many multitools help you boost your team’s productivity and declutter and Zoom is one of these apps. So, here are 10 Zoom meeting tips for big online teams that will help you use them more efficiently.

1. Schedule Meeting Automatically

If you are constantly organizing meetings with your team or clients, you probably know that this takes some time. You need to create the meeting, share the details with the participants, see who has confirmed the attendance, and so on. Even though it is not much, this task can be automated. Like this, you can use the time you have otherwise spent organizing the meeting on more important tasks. Zoom can also send the meeting link to participants and add the meeting to your calendar.

2. Record a Zoom Call

Sometimes, not all the invitees at the meeting will have the possibility to attend. Maybe some already have other Zoom calls scheduled during that time or they are off. You can record a Zoom call to share it with the participants that were not in a meeting, but need to know the information.

3. Recurring Meetings

Because few companies have returned to the traditional office, weekly team meetings are still being held on Zoom. So, if you have a recurring meeting with your big team, you do not need to organize it every week. You can set a recurring meeting on Zoom that has the same link.

4. Screen Sharing

Team members see each other mostly during video calls, as most employees continue to work remotely. And in some cases, it is easier to show others what you have worked on. You can easily do this on Zoom by sharing your screen. This feature makes the online meetings of big teams more efficient.

5. Co-hosting the Meeting

In some cases, there might be more than one person to have control during the meeting. Co-hosting meetings is something popular on Zoom and in many cases, it is a productive choice. You can easily give control over the meeting to another participant and co-host it together.

6. Waiting Rooms

If you hold a presentation and there are a lot of participants, you can create a waiting room. Participants will wait there until everything is ready and you start the presentation. They can get in the video call without you being present, which is awesome. Because while you get ready, they will enter the meeting.

7. Default Mute and Turn Off

Everyone has heard at least a case of someone who forgot their microphone or camera on and they were not aware of this. You do not want to say something inappropriate or talk with a family member and let participants hear you. So, you can set your microphone on mute and the camera turned off by default.

8. Learn Shortcuts

If you are spending a lot of time on Zoom, you should know that some keyboard shortcuts can help you save time. For example, you can set your space bar to mute and unmute the microphone. Depending on your operating system, there are different keyboard combinations.

9. Beauty Filter

If you had a difficult and long night, you probably do not want to show up like this in your meeting with a big online team. Well, Zoom can help you look like you had the best rest with the Touch my Appearance feature.

10. Splitting the Meeting

If you hold a presentation, workshop, or working meeting on Zoom with a big team, you should be aware of one of the best features. You can split the meeting into smaller rooms where groups can work on their tasks. This is especially helpful when groups have different tasks.


Holding online meetings with big teams can seem difficult. But Zoom is a tool that makes everything smoother. It has a lot of shortcuts and features that help you save time. Because it is more than a video-conferencing tool. It is an app that makes teams and their leaders more productive.

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