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Top 3 Free Screen Recorder For 2022

The market for screen-Recorders for PC is saturated with multiple software offering various features. All the software has its respective pros and cons. Some are screen recorder offers a good user experience but very expensive.  This article will outline the top 3 free screen recorders for 2022 including totally free screen recorders and paid ones.

Top 1: iTop Screen Recorder [Free]

1. Record any Area of PC

iTop Screen Recorder is a PC screen recorder that is both free and extremely easy to use. You can record any area of your screen with this software. It allows full-screen recording of specific windows only or selectively custom regions per your wish for recordings. Users can record areas in a fixed ratio, i.e., 16:9, 4:3, or use the recently customized arena per the requirements. 

2. Record Audio

iTop recording software supports multiple audio recording options. You can freely capture internal/external sound from the microphone. Moreover, screen recording along with audio can be done at the same time. You can record the particular section of music for your videos with ease. Moreover, if you want to extract a specific portion of a clip from lengthy videos like movies, you can use iTop as it has the best quality and good audio recording.

3. No-Buffer, HD Recording

As mentioned earlier, the market of software recordings for PC is vastly saturated, and all software offers multiple options, but they have one big problem in common, which is lag and buffering of the recordings, especially on low-end PCs. For instance, if a low-end PC user is using premiere pro and want to record a tutorial, the PC is already overburdened by the high-graphic software, and toggling the recorded at the same time will add up more burden on the processor. As a result, it will heat up, deteriorating performance recording HD videos, but they will have massive lag issues. iTop has an average CPU utilization of merely 8%. It makes extremely smooth video screen recordings with no lag issues on capturing 4k videos on low-end PCs.

4. Multiple Output Formats

iTop screen recorder supports numerous output videos and audio formats, including MP4, AVI, MKV, MP3, etc. Sometimes, when you record with conventional software, they aren’t fully compatible with mainstream players and devices for smooth playbacks. But, iTop generates recordings fully compatible with your PC.

5. Record Webcam and Face-Cam

iTop allows the users to record their face cam and webcam while the user is recording video games, giving presentations, and attending meetings. Now, the user doesn’t have to worry about recording separate face-cam videos; they merge them in post-production, which takes time and can be done instantly.

  • Additional Features
  • Add annotations while recording: Users can add annotations while recording their meetings, course projects, online classes, and online meetings to make things more integrated.
  • Trim/Split/Merge Post-Recording: Users can trim, split and merge recordings after recording them with built-in options without using external software.
  • Noise Reduction Option: Users can now reduce background noises in their recording with a single click of the built-in option.

Top2: OBS – A Screen Recorder that requires operational skills

OBS a is one of the most professional recorders for advanced users on macOS, Linus, and Windows. Newbies can be dismayed that this tool does not offer an easy layout and ready-to-use recording options despite being a professional recorder. The user has to figure out all the configurations, which include capturing arena, frame rates, audio input, and multiple options by himself to set the recording scene for each recording. As a result, the learning manual is extremely long and hard to grasp for new users. 

Key features:

  • Resolution: up to 4K
  • FPS: 60fps
  • Bitrate: up to 56mbps

Top 3: Apwersoft Screen Recorder Pro – A worthy screen recorder

Apwersoft screen recorder is yet another free screen recorder in town. It has many similarities to the iTop screen recorder that is easy-to-use, free, allows customized area selection, toggling speaker, mic, and webcam, and allows exporting recordings in multiple formats But, it has the following cons.


  • Crashes on Mac.
  • It cannot capture on multiple screens.

Conclusively, iTop Screen Recorder is the best software to be looked at if the user wants to record stuff quickly in high quality.

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