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What does a Quality Assurance Engineers Do?

A Quality Assurance (QA) engineer is a technical expert who works for software firms as a manual tester to develop the features and framework of products. A day in the life of Quality Assurance engineers includes creating tests to identify issues with software before launching a product, developing and running new tests, and reporting test results to stakeholders. They are also involved in assigning tests to several automation engineers specializing in testing, planning the test process by making a budget, and summarizing the test results.

Quality Assurance engineers work closely with the development team to ensure the testing process is on track. Their roles and responsibilities also include reviewing the test protocols and outcomes to confirm that they are in line with the customer requirements. Unlike other professions, the part of Quality Assurance engineers is not exhausting as they hardly have to meet the pressing deadlines. They enjoy a very relaxing atmosphere where they do not even require to do overtime. Thus, many students opt for a Software Quality Assurance Engineering course to avoid professional burnout.

Apart from finding and fixing bugs in products before their launch, the job of Quality Assurance engineers is also financially rewarding. According to payscale, the average salary of Quality Assurance Engineers in Canada is CAD 65,569 per year. At the same time, an experienced Quality Assurance Engineer in Canada makes CAD 107,000 per year. Please remember that the salary of Quality Assurance engineers also varies depending upon their skillsets, experience, location, and gender.

Suppose you are passionate about the technology industry and want to make a career in quality assurance. In that case, you can consider a Software Quality Assurance Engineering course in a top Canadian institution. Pursuing a Software Quality Assurance Engineering course in Canada will prepare you for a quality assurance engineering career within 45 weeks.

What will you learn in a Software Quality Assurance Engineering course?

Software Quality Assurance Engineering is a multidisciplinary program. The course introduces you to various technical skills, such as Linux, virtualization, cloud computing, Java, and SQL. The course teaches you to design, develop, and maintain a test automation framework.

Studying a Software Quality Assurance Engineering program will prepare you to develop the acumen required for an entry-level Software Quality Assurance Engineering role in national and multinational companies.

Upon completing the program, you will possess the skills needed to enter a variety of roles, like Software Testing Engineer, Application Architect, Computer Software Engineer, and Software Technical Architect.

Entry requirements for a Software Quality Assurance Engineering course

If you want to pursue a Software Quality Assurance Engineering course in Canada, check out the admission requirements below:

  1. You must have a secondary school diploma or equivalent degree.
  2. Your age must be at least 19.
  3. You must have a good command of the English language.
  4. Your IELTS score must be 5.5 or equivalent.
  5. You must have completed a high school diploma from a recognized government institution.
  6. You must own a personal computer in class.

If you fulfill the admission requirements, apply for the course immediately!

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