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Top 5 Cloud Computing Platforms and Solutions in 2022

Cloud service is a growth market. Huge technological businesses need heavy computing power. Cloud computing offers enterprises an alternative to building an in-house infrastructure for storage huge rows of Data. With Cloud computing, you can use the internet and enjoy a significant amount of computing power on plug and play basis.

As this saves organizations from investing a huge sum of money into physical infrastructure, “cloud computing platforms” and solutions have become highly popular. In this blog we have listed the best could platforms and solutions to choose from for efficient working of your IT firm. 

Best Cloud Computing Platforms & Solutions

1. Google Cloud Platform – Cloud Computing Solutions

Google offers its public cloud computing solutions under the name of “Google cloud” or “Google Cloud Platform”. You get a wide range of services for all industries, Computing, Networking, storage, AI, Internet of things (IoT), and machine learning. 

Different types of Google Cloud Platform also offer you different tools for cloud management, security, and development. The Google cloud platform is highly flexible as it offers services for both SQL and NoSQL database storage. Google compute engine (LaaS) gives users virtual machines for workload hosting. The Google App Engine (PaaS) offers software developers the power to access Google Cloud hosting and software development kit to develop applications and software. All the services offered by Google Cloud can be accessed through public networks and dedicated networks.

2. Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a subsidiary of Amazon. Under AWS, Amazon provides a wide range of services like storage, data analysis, etc. Amazon offers its services to individuals, business owners, and governments. AWS allows users to enjoy a forest of virtual machines at any time based on their needs. The entire service operates through the internet, reducing the need for physical investment and space. 

Amazon is considered one of the most flexible cloud platforms. AWS’s virtual cloud platform comes with most features of an actual computer including hardware (CPUs) & GPUs) for processing power and Hard disk and SSD for storage needs. 

3. Microsoft Azure – Cloud Computing Service

Microsoft Azure or previously known as Windows Azure is the cloud computing service platform from Microsoft. Based on Microsoft data centers, this service is the best choice for industries relying on Microsoft software. Like the counterparts on this list, Microsoft Azure supports the development, tests, and management of applications and services. 

Microsoft Azure supports tons of basic features like security, data storage, and access to virtual machines. The security features like authentication are supported via Azure AppFabric that allows applications connected to your LAN to communicate with Azure Cloud. Microsoft Azure is a complete cloud platform built especially for the development, management, and security of applications. 

4. IBM BluemixCloud Computing Platforms

IBM Bluemix is the “cloud computing platform” from IBM industries that comes with the platform (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a service (LaaS) in terms of Virtual computing. With Bluemix LaaS users can access virtualized compute power, storage, and networking using the internet connection. The IBM service offering can be used either as a Private, Public, or Hybrid business model whichever suits an organization’s needs for cloud computing power. 

5. Alibaba Cloud – Cloud Computing Solutions

Alibaba Cloud is the subsidiary of the Chinese e-commerce giant- Alibaba group. The Alibaba services have a huge share in the Chinese market and roots all over the globe with headquarters in Hangzhou, China. Alibaba Group was established in 2009, just three years after the launch of Amazon Web Services

Alibaba cloud began as a private cloud platform to support the internal functioning of the Alibaba E-Commerce business. The Alibaba Cloud computing services cover all the bases of cloud services like Hosting, computing, storage, relational database (SQL), NoSQL database, data analysis, and AI (Machine Learning)

Conclusion – Cloud Computing Platform Solutions

The workings of every enterprise are different and their needs for cloud-based services differ greatly. We believe that you should choose a platform that’s complete and covers all the basics of a cloud-based solution. There are different types of cloud computing, you should wisely according to your use.

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