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Top 10 Event Management Companies in UK

If you’ve ever handled a family event by yourself, you know how many things can go wrong in an instant. Plus, the headache from all the planning lasts for weeks. So, if you can shell out some extra pounds, then it’s easier to hire an event management company in UK. Event management companies can take the pressure off your hands and handle the promoters, organizers, suppliers and every other party. It takes too much work and effort to make an event work as you want to. So, it’s better to hire an event management company that knows what they’re doing. 

In this article, we’ve chosen the top 10 event management companies in UK, to help you through your next event. 

Top Rated Event Management Companies UK

1. The Events Company

The Events Company is a multi-service agency, offering you a plethora of services. With global experience under their belt, they’ve accumulated a huge team of experts to help you out. The Events Company is one of the best event management companies in UK.

Regardless of the size of your business, or type of event, the team of experts will take care of every small detail. 

2. Beyond Certainty – Event Management Company

Beyond Certainty is one of the most creative event management companies in the UK. They’ve provided their event management service all across the globe. For more than a decade, Beyond Certainty has been a top name for corporate and private events. 

They specialize in a huge range of events, including intimate, corporate, small events, and extravagant events. Whatever event they handle, they make sure to pour in their trademark hint of creativity. Making them one of the best event management companies in UK.

3. Clearwater Events

Headquartered in Birmingham and Newport, Clearwater Events is another top-rated event management company. With domestic and foreign events, Clearwater Events have gained a huge reputation for themselves. 

With over 6 decades of event management experience, you can rest assured that everything will be a bit beyond perfect. The team makes sure to take your ideas into account while handling the event. Clearwater Events is the only LGVTQ led event agency in UK. 

4. MCL Create – Event Management Solutions

MCL Create is the perfect solution for your event management needs. They don’t rely on outside providers for supplying equipment, so you can rest assured about the quality. They don’t leave room for error by handling everything in-house with their team of experts. MCL Create has also hosted some of the most creative events we’ve witnessed. They’re one of the most sophisticated event management agencies in UK.

5. Park Publishing

Park Publishing takes pride in creating the perfect corporate events and conferences for several charities. They make sure that your guests have an incredible time and the hosts can raise enough money for the charity which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. 

6. Bearded Kitten

Bearded Kitten is an award winning creative events agency that creates experiences that are just beautiful. They inspire fun events for their clients, and their aim is to push the boundaries of brand engagement. What makes Bearded Kitten a great company is that they offer a genuine 360 agency. They have the largest group of expert team members and they produce some of the most immersive events that you can think of. 

7. BCD

BCD recently acquired the company known as Zibrant. If you want an extravagant corporate event without having to deal with the hassle, then BCD should be one of your top choices. Their ability to handle huge corporate events is what makes them one of the best event management companies in UK.

They’ve worked with some huge companies and created immersive experiences for them.

8. TBA – UK Event Management Company

TBA has worked for some of the top brands such as Sony, Guinness, and Ralph Lauren to promote them with events that are just perfect. They have a large creative team and some of the industry leaders for digital event management. 

TBA is the best event management company in UK for conferences, award ceremonies, and product launch events. 

9. Effective Business Events

Effective Business Events & Travel is a multi-niche, creative agency, offering event management solutions for UK clients and across the globe. They specialize in handling conferences, incentives, key business partner events and parties. Every single event is tailored to their client’s needs and the type of events they’re planning to do. They follow all the crucial client parameters, and deliver better services. 

10. Trumin

Trumin is another top rated event management company UK. They specialize in digital event management, which are becoming more and more common around the world everyday. You can visit the Trumin website to get a complete idea on how they help in making your digital events better for the guests and the viewers.

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