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Top Features of the New Xiaomi Mi 11 Phone

Xiaomi has been one of the fast-growing luxurious Android smartphone brands in the market. Lately, the company has produced one of its best models, the New Xiaomi Mi 11 phone, with the latest whistles and bells at a fair price. This phone has some latest and sophisticated features that make it one of the most powerful smartphones in its price range.

From the powerful performance camera to the vast storage, it’s a phone you’d be craving to have. You can visit the MI Official website or store in Singapore to get this fantastic phone brand. This article outlines the top features that come with the latest Xiaomi Mi 11 new phone.

Top Features of Xiaomi Mi 11

1. Display

The Xiaomi Mi 11 comes with a large screen display of around 6.81-inch for your different tasks. The large screen combining the slim bezel provides the attractive quad-curving appearance of the phone. In addition, to make the display more functional and sound, the phone brand has a high refresh rate of 120Hz, which makes it a fantastic piece to use for both your productivity and gaming needs.

2. Performance and specifications

When it comes to performance, you’ve to be excited about the phone as it offers one of the best and fast processing speeds. With the new Qualcomm snapdragon 888 chipset and a RAM of 8GB, the phone offers the best output in terms of performance on various functions. More so, to enhance the processing power, some versions come with 12 GB RAM.

The performance of this phone is out of reach of most of the other competing Android smartphones, as you can only compare it with the iPhone series. Other specifications that enhance its performance are the vast storage of around 128GB and supporting 5G connectivity.

3. Battery and charging

This phone brand has a high battery capacity and lifespan to serve you for a long without getting out. By visiting their site, you can get this phone with a long-lasting battery. The 4600mAh battery cell provides a reliable option that you can use for the whole day for various activities, even when on cellular data.

Apart from the long-lasting battery, the phone offers the best and fast charging system, as it uses the latest 55W USB-C charger. The charging allows you to charge and fill the phone battery capacity in less than an hour. Additionally, the phone may come with a low-voltage charger for its headphones and other accessories.

4. Camera system

When choosing your phone brand based on the camera, this model offers the best camera system among most smartphones. This new Xiaomi phone comes with a triple rear camera, macro, ultrawide, and main lens to suit all your shooting needs. The main camera comes with 108 megapixels combined with an effective aperture and sensor to produce the best photos.

These features allow you to get the best shoot despite the light condition of your photo session location. In addition, the photo provides the best zooming ability of up to 30 times, which allows you to capture images clearly from a distance. Finally, with a 20MP selfie camera, you can get the best selfie camera if you’re a lover of taking selfies cameras.

Bottom Line

The new Xiaomi Mi 11 phone is the best alternative when choosing the best smartphone to suit your needs. You can get this fantastic Xiaomi phone model. The phone comes with the most sophisticated features that enhance its functionality, thus ensuring you get the best experience out of the phone.

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