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Trade Markets Review: Trade Markets Trading accounts, software, and products overview

Trade Markets is a Futures, CFD, Options, and Micro-Futures trading platform that was established a few years go.

Since its establishment, Trade Markets has:

  • Thousands of actively trading users.
  • Hundreds of trading software add-ons

And hundreds of technical staff, including professional app developers, training instructors, customer support staff, and other trading experts.

Trade Markets Trading instruments and what they offer:

Users can trade financial markets with reasonable margins and spread on Trade Markets.

Trade Markets offers the following Markets:

  • Futures: Commodities, Energies, Interest Rates, Metals, Stock Indexes,
  • Micro-futures: Offers standard high-liquid Energy, Commodities, Forex, and Bitcoin market indexes at 1/10th contract size.
  • CFDs
  • Stocks.
  • Options
  • Forex
  • Cryptocurrency; Bitcoin

Trade Markets offers futures with more flexibility and deeper discounts 

Trading on Trade Markets offers users a unique experience where users can have access to:

  • Unlimited trading simulations tools and features
  • Expert-vetted charting and analysis
  • Deeply discounted commissions and Margins
  • Hundreds of in-trade indicators
  • Extensive support and training.

Trade Markets also offers micro-futures where users can trade standard Wall Street Futures markets at 1/10th of their normal size. 

This allows small traders to access Futures trading tax protection and rich liquidity, thereby ditching the long-held norm of the Futures market being exclusive to large-scale trading.

Trade Markets micro-Futures trading trumps CFDs through: 

  • Affordable financial commitment
  • Market Transparency in all tradable futures
  • Boosted flexibility for managing trading positions.
  • Tighter regulations to ensure their data and funds security.

Trade Markets Account Types

Types of Trade Markets accounts include:

  • Personal Accounts
  • Joint Accounts
  • Corporate accounts
  • Professional Accounts

For a fee, users can also opt for Trade Markets premium versions of the above-listed accounts which offer:

  • Award-winning entry (One-cancels-the-other) OCO orders, charts, and lots more
  • Order flows, volume profile indicator tools.
  • Advanced At-the-Market Strategies, Auto-close positions, Alerting systems, etc.

When opening an account, users must provide:

  • Their email address.
  • Legal name.
  • Proof of address.
  • Financial details.
  • Other required information and backup documents.

Trade Markets takes about 24 to 48 hours to verify the submitted documents and accept the account opening request.

Trade Markets Charges and Commission Structure

Users can opt for any Trade Markets payment plan depending on their pocket size, trading preference, and other private preferences.

Trade Markets Payment is structured into three levels.

  • Free: has no platform fees
  • Lease: has a flexible payment structure
  • Own: One-time lifetime payment.


  • Trade Markets Free payment plan has zero platform fees. Users need only to fund their accounts.
  • Users can only access live trading core essentials and key features like:
  • Market Analysis
  • Trading Simulations
  • Chartings


Lease has flexible payments, and traders can choose between paying certain prices as:

  • Annual Lease
  • A Semi-Annual Lease
  • Every three months Lease with an auto-renewing subscription.

Lease’s Payment Plan Features:

Lease payment plan features include Free Payment plan’s features plus:

  • Chart Trader
  • Automatically closable positions.
  • Enhanced and interactive market depth price ladders
  • Advanced Alerting Systems
  • Customizable indicators
  • Order Entry shortcuts
  • Indicators-modifiable orders
  • Automated Trading and Backtesting

Own Payment Plan:

Own Payment plan is Trade Markets best payment plan. It includes a lifetime payment where users can access Trade Markets entire premium portfolio.

Own Payment Plan Features:

Own Payment Plan’s features include Lease’s Payment Plan’s features plus:

  • Trade Detector
  • Footprint style Volumetric Bars chart.
  • Market Depth Map
  • Volume-weighted-average-price with deviation.
  • Lifetime access to all premium features

Trade Markets Customer Service

Trade Markets operates a responsive 24/5 customer support. In addition, users can contact Trade Markets numerous support staff on trading, account opening, and other issues relating to interacting with any of Trade Markets services.

Education and Support

Trade Markets provides blogs, trading information, and financial expert services to help users make more informed and less risky trading decisions.

Users should be aware that Trade Markets is not promising risk-free and profit-only trading, so users are advised not to risk more than they can lose.

What to expect when trading with Trade Markets

Trade Markets enables users to access more transparent financial markets and trading opportunities. 

Users wanting to trade Futures with lower capital can also trade with Trade Markets.

Trade Markets, of course, cannot claim perfection; therefore, here are some of the cons present users and our reviews shed light on:


  • Some users complained about Trade Markets complicated trading platform.
  • Trade Markets fees are relatively high compared to some competitors.
  • Trade Markets financial
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