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WatchCartoonOnline Review 2023: A New Way to Watch Anime?

Anime is loved by millions of people online, and there’s no limit to the reasons. Ranging from the epic fight scenes to incredible artwork to soul-moving background music. Well, unfortunately, anime is hard to watch as not all the shows aren’t available everywhere in the world. Some shows are available in only select streaming services and let’s be honest not everyone can afford all streaming services. That’s where “WatchCartoonOnline” comes in, it’s an anime website where you can watch English dubbed anime at high quality.

If you don’t want to visit some website to watch your favorite anime, WatchCartoonOnline also offers a mobile app for the users. Using the app/website, users can watch anime online for free. There are a lot of websites that offer the feature of watching free online anime but some lack features and some are just full of ads. 

According to visitors, WatchCartoonOnline is one of their most preferred websites to watch anime on. It offers a user-friendly experience and all the anime are available in English dub in high quality. The best part is that you can watch globally loved anime like Naruto, One Piece, Attack On Titan absolutely free of cost.

How To Access WatchCartoonOnline?

It may be possible that WatchCartoonOnline may be restricted in some parts of the world. So the worldwide counterpart of WatchCartoonOnline is the web.watchcartoononline.bz. If you want, you can search your browser for “watchcartoononline mirror sites” it’ll show you a list of the best alternative to the official website available in your location. 

Best Alternatives to WatchCartoonOnline 2023

Let’s say that somehow you can’t access WatchCartoonOnline in your location, you don’t have to lose hope. There are several alternatives for the WatchCartoonOnline website. Almost all the websites can help you watch the content free of cost and in high quality. Here is our list of alternatives to WatchCartoonOnline:

1 . Crunchyroll – Best Alternatives Sites to WatchCartoonOnline

All the hardcore anime fans know what Crunchyroll is. It’s a streaming website/app where you can watch all anime, and by all, we mean every single anime out there. Crunchyroll has the biggest collection of anime online and you can watch it all for free. However, there are some downfalls of watching with a free account. Using a free account, you can watch anime at a 480P quality. That’s not all, you’ll have to sit through 2-3 ads ranging from 30 seconds to 2 mins between each episode. If you don’t mind suffering through that, you can watch your favorite anime on Crunchyroll. However, you can choose to upgrade to a premium Crunchyroll account, and you’ll be able to watch HD-quality anime without any ads. It is one of the best alternatives to WatchCartoonOnline

2. AnimeHD47 – Best Alternative Sites to Watch Cartoon Online

AnimeHD47 is another alternative to WatchCartoonOnline. It contains a huge collection of anime. The website is pretty intuitive and user-friendly which makes up for the overall user experience. Users can watch anime in English Dub or with English Subtitles. There’s also an option of choosing from the 3 different servers, each server offers a different video quality. And if you can suffer through some annoying ads on the side of the website, this is a great alternative to WatchCartoonOnline. 

3. 9Anime.To – WatchCartoonOnline Alternative

Another option to watch anime if you can’t access WatchCartoonOnline is 9Anime. The website is simple to operate, it’s highly intuitive, and contains a huge anime library. The anime available on the website is of pure HD quality. However, there are a lot of pop-up ads on the website, although you’ll be fine if you use an Adblocker. 

 Can’t Access the WatchCartoonOnline Website Right Now?

The website WatchCartoonOnline is available globally and offers a wide range of anime to watch, also you can watch content from Nick, DisneyPlus, Cartoon Network, and more. Usually, the website is available worldwide, however, if you’re not able to access the website, there can be something wrong. Also, you may get some pop-up ads while you stream free anime online. 

WatchCartoonOnline has servers located in Holland. It offers services primarily in English talking countries like the US, UK, America, and more. The website offers free anime in HD quality and the result is that the website had more than 70 million users in 2021. If you’re unable to access the website in your location, you can set up a VPN and watch the content you want.

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