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When and How To ‘Break Up’ With Your SEO Agency

Choosing the right SEO agency can feel a bit like a marriage. There is the initial romance, the wooing, the commitment, and the honeymoon phase. But it is what comes after that tells you whether this really will be a marriage of minds or one that will leave you regretting it in the morning.

It can be tough to know when warning signs and slight issues become insurmountable, and you may not know when and how to call it a day. If you are starting to regret your relationship with your SEO agency, this article is for you.

When is it time to ‘break up’ with your SEO agency?

It can take time to build a relationship that fully works for you. A truly compatible SEO company should ideally have a great reputation, be willing to work with you, and take on your ideals and goals as if yours were their own.

Finding the right SEO agency in Dubai and around the world can seem tricky, and when you find one that works at all, finding another can seem like too much hassle. Here are some key signs that it is time to make a change.

When they stop working for you

This is really the key sign and can encompass pretty much everything else that your SEO company can be doing wrong. If your agency isn’t working for you, you should find one that will. What exactly you want and need will change, but your SEO company should know what you want and how to make it happen.

They don’t communicate

Much like in any relationship, communication is key. You should have open lines of communication with your SEO agency at all times to discuss your goals, and your campaigns and stay abreast of any updates and progress. If they aren’t talking, you should be walking.

They don’t achieve your goals

The right SEO agency should have the skill and expertise to craft an SEO strategy that will meet your aims. If, over time, you are no closer to those aims, it is seriously time to rethink the company you keep.

They use bad practices

This could mean that they don’t post to social media as often as they should, miss deadlines, or create poor content. It could also mean that they use black hat tactics that could get you in real trouble. Either way, if they aren’t doing the job and doing it right, it is time to say goodbye.

How can you ‘break up’ with your SEO agency?

Break-ups are tough, whether it is between a couple, with a client, or your SEO company. There are a number of things to keep in mind when ending a relationship:

  • Be honest – don’t makeup excuses. The relationship isn’t working out, and in the case of your marketing agency, it is very much their fault, not yours.
  • Be quick – one of the worst roads to take is to drag the process out. You will be losing money paying the firm and also losing by not having the right company working for you. End it quickly and find another company.
  • Be firm – don’t let yourself be swayed by another sales pitch. They didn’t get the job done in the first place or you wouldn’t be here. Don’t let them talk you into making the same mistakes all over again.
  • Make sure you get your stuff back – one danger with break-ups is that you may end up losing some of your belongings. With marketing agencies, this can be more than your toothbrush or favourite shirt. Make sure any unfinished content, historical reports, ads, and so on end up coming home with you where they belong.

If you aren’t happy with your SEO company, don’t just settle or sit back and hope something better comes along. End the relationship today, and find a company that will truly work with you, for you, to get the results that you want and deserve.

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