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Outdoor Kitchen Design Tips for Professional Designers in the USA

Over time, Outdoor kitchen ideas have become widely popular in the home designing industry. A study conducted in 2019 stated that the outdoor kitchen and grill industry reached $9.1 billion. That also means that it offers great business opportunities.

Outdoor kitchen designs are pretty similar to indoor kitchens and they both fulfill the same needs. The only major difference is the elements of the kitchens. Outdoor kitchens need to be made with more durable materials, weatherproof appliances, and furniture that is easy to clean. 

If you too are looking to start a business in the outdoor kitchen industry, then you will need some ideas that are loved by users. Here are the “best outdoor kitchen design tips” for designers in the USA.

Outdoor Kitchen Design Tips

1. Kitchen Layout

While designing an outdoor kitchen, you should understand that the layout should be functional. All the major kitchen appliances like grills, cooktops, sink, refrigerator, and counter space shouldn’t be right next to each other. You should follow the “work triangle” formula to design the layout of your client’s kitchen. This formula is pretty common in indoor kitchens, and it can be applied to outdoor kitchens.

2. Appliances & Storage – Outdoor Kitchen Design Tips

Unlike popular belief, an outdoor kitchen is more than just a grill. Residents in the USA and other countries want outdoor kitchens that are equipped with grills, burners, sinks, refrigerators, storage, cabinets, and countertops.

While designing an outdoor kitchen, make sure that you ask your clients what they want to include in their kitchen. Consider their needs and build an incredible outdoor kitchen.

3. Sustainable Materials

Unlike indoor kitchens, outdoor kitchens need to have more sturdy and durable so they can survive longer. Cabinets must be waterproof to sustain rain, such as “marine-grade” cabinets made up of polymers. Other materials that can be considered are stainless steel. When it comes to countertops, using granite, concrete and tiles will be the best option and most probably fit the client’s budget.

4. Power & Water Sources

Obviously, any kitchen needs a working power and water source. While spending most of the time outside, your clients would want stable electricity and water sources for working in the kitchen. Power outlets should be numerous, both for the appliances and for general use. As a designer, you should also figure out a proper water source for your clients, if they want a sink installed.

5. Living & Dining Spaces

Outdoor kitchens became important with the rise of outdoor living and dining spaces. If your clients love cooking outside, they’ll also want a space for sitting down with friends and family to eat that deliciously cooked food. Countless structures can be created for your clients. You also need to make sure that the furniture is waterproof and can handle the wear and tear it’ll be subjected to outside.

6. Proper Lighting

Lighting creates ambiance. Dull and improper lighting is a mood killer. To cook and enjoy food in an outdoor kitchen, your clients need proper lighting. Cooking under dark lighting can cause you to make countless errors. Like an outdoor kitchen designer, the best idea is to install weatherproof and wall-mounted fixtures, string lights, solar-powered lights, and others to lighten up the area.

7. Sound System

If your clients want more than just an ordinary kitchen, then you can suggest adding a sound system. However, instead of a fixed system, a portable system will be a better option. You should ask what your clients want and then create a system supporting their needs.

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