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Who is Sung Hoon’s wife? The Whole Truth

The famous Korean actors face the challenge of dealing with fans who wish to know each detail about their personal lives. And Sung Hoon is no exception to that. He was the male lead character in the Korean series “My Secret Romance.” As such, many of his fans would wish to know if he has found romance in his life. If so, then who is Sung Hoon’s wife?

The actor is already 38 years old, and many people would want to know who his wife is. He is known for his pure talent in acting. However, he is also known for his good face features. Sung Hoon is a disc jockey as well as conducting DJ activities using the name ROI. Furthermore, he is a swimmer, an actor and also a DJ. Who wouldn’t fall in love with him? Since he was born on 14th February, which is Valentine’s Day, many people wonder if he has a wife or not.

Who is Sung Hoon’s Wife? Is he Married?

You may be wondering who Sung Hoon’s wife is, is he married or not. The truth is that Sung Hoon is not yet married. The famous actor is not hitched to anyone despite his age. The star is solitary, and he continues to be so. He has decided to consider his job first and have an individual life without a partner. He was a part of the real Korean variety show, known as Live Alone.

Is Sung Hoon Dating, or Does He Have a Wife?

Sung Hoon has currently starred in various Korean drama series and played many different roles. Moreover, he had partnered with several performers, others being leading women. It had been said that the star was dating Song Jieun in 2018.

They met in the drama series known as My Secret Love, where they played the part of trying to conceal their relationship. The truth is not yet known from all these speculations, but if you are wondering who Sung Hoon’s wife is, then know that he is not yet married.

Currently, Sung Hoon is single and not dating anyone. The actor who gained fame in 2011 after starring in Tales of Gisaeng is said not to have a wife yet. Previously, the star was not even engaged but had been in at least one relationship.

Does Sung Hoon have a girlfriend?

The actor does not have a girlfriend now, even though he had been in a relationship previously. It is said that Sung Hoon is focusing on his professional life and having a wife is not yet in his mind. At the age of 38, Sung Hoon does not have a spouse. So, know that Sung Hoon is still single and focusing on his career.

Wrapping up

Should you wish to know Sung Hoon’s wife, there is none because the star is very busy with his profession right now with no signs of spouse or relationships. His fans hope he will be able to find the right partner and settle down in marriage.

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