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5 Best SMS Marketing Software & Tools to Use Today

SMS marketing may sound like a thing of the past, but with the right strategy and technique, it can offer great success. SMS marketing software can help small scale, medium scale, and large scale enterprises to reach out to their customers and promote the products and services. Needless to say that the market is full of SMS marketing software and tools that claim themselves to be the best. And for obvious reasons, not all the tools and software for SMS marketing can be best. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best SMS marketing software that can help you amp up the sales. Our team went through dozens of SMS marketing software and made their recommendations. Below we have mentioned our pick of the best SMS marketing software and tools. 

What is SMS Marketing?

The name should make it pretty clear, SMS marketing is the process of promoting products and services using text messages. SMS marketing software can also be used by businesses to send alerts and transaction alerts. But the most common use of SMS marketing software is to remind customers about new offers, upcoming sales, and reminders, and so on. 

SMS marketing is the progressive stage of fax and email marketing. It’s safe to assume that fax-related marketing died out a long time ago, email marketing on the other hand is still prevalent. According to a survey, 62% of the global population owns a smartphone. 20% of the global phone-owning population use their smartphones for more than 4 hours a day. This means SMS marketing is a great option for brands to reach potential and existing customers. 

SMS marketing is known to increase foot traffic and website visits. It also helps a brand’s name to stay in customer’s minds for longer. SMS marketing creates an instant communication channel between a business and a customer. Customers that are loyal to particular brands love it when they get updates about an upcoming sale or special offers. 

You can use SMS marketing to complement other marketing strategies. If you can do that perfectly, you’ll be able to maximize the ROI for businesses.

Best SMS Marketing Software of 2022

1 . SimpleTexting  – SMS Marketing Software

SimpleTexting offers simple, intuitive, and accessible messaging features, as the name suggests. Businesses can send texts to their huge customer list. If they want, they can add images, and other materials to take their promotions to the next level. If you add a link to your text, you can also keep a track of who clicked the link and who didn’t. There’s no limit to the features offered by SimpleText. Businesses can send texts to tons of people while creating drip campaigns, they can also automate texts. It is also simple to manage customer data and sending personalized texts. 

Users get access to a dedicated customer support team and other resources to help the users use the software to its full potential. Senders can keep track of the clicks and engagement with the texts. You can get comprehensive reports of each SMS marketing campaign. 

2. ClickSend

ClickSend ranks the second number on our list of best SMS marketing software. This tools allows users to send thousands of text messages without having to download any software. Businesses have the feature of sending bulk text messages using their SMS provider or using their email accounts. 

Using a cloud-based application, users can manage a series of marketing campaigns. The cloud-based application offers perks like “switching from email, text, fax and even non-SMS channels like Facebook and Whatsapp”. ClickSend is one of the best SMS marketing software for experienced marketers. 

What makes it even better is that they offer API integration that makes the services compatible with businesses ’ third-party apps and programs. 

3. Salesmsg – SMS Marketing Software

Salesmsg is just perfect for small business operations. It helps small businesses to meet up their SMS marketing needs. Although, Salesmsg doesn’t offer the best user interface, yet the features offered make it one of the best solutions in the market. 

Using Salesmsg perfectly can help businesses generate new customers for businesses, increase foot traffic and website traffic. With the Salesmsg app, businesses can import contacts and also get a call-forwarding option, users can forward the call to any number they want. 

Small businesses can integrate all the features of Salesmsg with their internal programs using Zapier. This can save you time and improve the overall automation process. 

4. TextMagic

TextMagic has over 14 years of experience in helping businesses improve communications. This is one of the best SMS marketing solutions that help businesses to promote their product and services. 

The software is a business text messaging service that allows users to send notifications, alerts, reminders, and any other important texts to the customers. Using TextMagic, businesses can send bulk messages online using either a computer or a mobile app. They also offer the feature of two-way conversations with the customers. 

TextMagic also offers an API gateway that can be integrated into the core elements using Zapier. You can track your leads and how your marketing campaign is performing. 

5. Heymarket

The last but not the least software for SMS marketing is Heymarket. Businesses have to answer the same questions over and over again regarding their products and services. Heymarket helps with that problem as it creates shared inboxes to answer all the questions efficiently. 

The support team can either send automated text messages or type manual responses to questions that need a response. Most businesses confuse Heymarket as a customer service application, where in turn it allows businesses to engage in SMS marketing too. Users can send bulk text messages and drip freed content to make sure they’re reaching their customers perfectly. 

You can also integrate the software with other social media platforms and other marketing applications, it allows you to extend your customer reach to other platforms. Heymarket is easy to integrate with other third-party team-based applications which can improve efficiency.

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