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Writing Best Social Media Essay

One way or another, you will have to write a social media essay at some point. When the time comes, it is better to be prepared thanks to this guide. We will also include the best topics you may want to use for your essay on social media. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Essay about social media: First things to keep in mind

There are a few things you need to keep in mind boor you start writing. These are essential tips that every single student needs to know, regardless of the type and the reason why you need to write my essay today of this type. Use all the types we have provided below.

  • Try various social media essay writing topics and pick the one that suits you the most (if possible)
  • Make the essay original and unique, so it will stand out from the rest
  • Provide accurate and latest data and facts
  • Start by writing the body and then the social media essay introduction
  • Create an outline and work on it until you are 100% happy
  • Your essay needs an introduction, body, and conclusion

The pros and cons of social media essay come in high numbers. It is very easy to write a great essay of this type and it can be more interesting than any other topic. There are a lot of resources where you can find fresh information that will help you get the best essay possible. The cause and effect of the social media essay is another topic you may want to consider.

Introduction Writing

Regardless of the fact are you writing a persuasive essay about social media or a satire essay on social media you need a strong introduction. A strong introduction will start with general details about the essay and then move to a more specific matter. It must intrigue the reader and make them want to start reading the body. If the social media addiction essay is in question, you need to start with the cons and negative effects.

Keep in consideration that the introduction will determine the path of the entire essay and it is the most important part of the content. At this moment, we can add that social media isolation essay is a very common option, and writing a strong introduction is easy and simple.

Writing body of the essay

The next part you will have to write is the body. If you are writing the negative effects of social media essay, you will have several points that all discuss the same thing. Make sure not to include the positive sides of social media. On the other side, if you are writing positive and negative effects of social media essay, you need to include both.

Here you will provide arguments and explain them. Each argument must have its own paragraph. There is no ideal paragraph count, but the more facts you need to cover, the more paragraphs you will need. Try to make a long article with plenty of details. This is very easy with the negative effects of social media on society essay.

The first sentence in the first paragraph is your thesis statement and it should tell a reader what that paragraph will discuss. The situation is the same for all paragraphs. You will want a strong thesis statement when writing an argumentative essay on social media. In a social media argumentative essay or any other type of that matter, you must provide the last paragraph where you will wrap all the things you have said in previous content.

Is social media a good or bad essay? It depends on how you look at it. If you like social media essay topics and you are a social media fan or hater, you can provide an excellent essay with plenty of details and specifics. If you don’t like writing about this, then it is a bad essay for you.

Writing the conclusion of your essay

The social media essay must have a strong conclusion. It is the section where you will sum up all the things you have said and where you will deduce or repeat all the positive effects of social media essay, negative facts, and your own opinion. The impact of social media essay is another thing you can explain in this section. Never write a too-long conclusion that doesn’t summarize the essay.

20 best social media essay topics

Here we can give you some of the best and the most popular topics for the social media paper you need to write. Pick the one you like the most and do proper research before you start writing. The end result will be phenomenal and you can expect the best grade.

  • Should social media be banned at colleges?
    • Reasons why it should be banned
    • Reasons why it shouldn’t be banned
  • Negative effects of social media on the life of people
    • All negative effects of social media on life
    • Why does this happen?
  • Positive sides of using social media
    • Perks people get from using social media
    • How to get most of a platform
  • Using social media to bully other students
    • What is cyberbullying?
    • Data and specifics
    • How does it work?
  • Will you lose intelligence if you use social media every single day?
    • Effect of social media on human intelligence
    • Case studies proving the matter
  • Education can be improved with the help of social media
    • All effects of social media on education
    • Why it affects it?
    • Possible scenarios
  • Social media is killing normal social life
    • Effect of social media on social life
    • Pros
    • Cons
  • How social media affects relationships today
    • People who meet on social media
    • Divorce rates due to social media
    • Why does this happen?
  • The effect of social media on social skills
    • Social skills in people who use social media every single day
    • Pros and cons
  • There is no privacy anymore thanks to social media
    • How social media affect privacy?
    • What you can do to improve it?
    • How privacy will look in the future?
  • The productivity of employees is affected by social media
    • Effects of social media on employees
    • Options to decrease the problem
  • Cyberbullying is more common due to social media
    • Facts and specifics about social media cyberbullying
    • Examples
    • Prevention
  • Social media platforms are the best way to connect with loved ones, far away
    • You can see loved ones who live far away
    • Other options you have
  • What the government should do about social media in the near future?
    • Possible actions of the government
    • What do you think should be done?
  • How many social media platforms are available now?
    • All major social platforms explained with the number of users
    • Explain the differences between these
  • Social media can help you find a partner or a spouse
    • Social media can help you find a partner
    • How does this work?
  • Future of social media: How it will look like?
    • How social media will work in the future?
    • Technologies that will transform social media
  • Weird social media platforms you may like
    • Less-popular social media platforms that are strange due to some reason
    • Why you may like them?
  • Worst and best social media platforms at the moment
    • Major social media platforms list
    • Why they are the best?
    • Why some are the worst?


Writing a social media essay can be a fun and appealing task. Take your time, read the guide again, and implement all the things we have revealed. The perks will be impressive and you can expect the best grade and a 100% original essay that will impress your teacher.

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