Email Marketing- Why is it so Important?

Email Marketing is the best form of marketing in the blogging industry. And if you haven’t started building your email list yet, then I am sure till the end of this article you will begin with one.

Email Marketing Importance: In this article, we are going to learn about what email marketing is so important and how it can be integrated with every niche? 

We all are familiar with flyers and pamphlets that come kept inside a newspaper, which slides daily from under the door. Those pamphlets can be called as the first generation of marketing something.

Importance of Email Marketing

Email Marketing and Its Benefits has become one of the most trendiest topics these days.

But today when everything can be controlled with one click, when we are completely surrounded by a mobile world, then how can we expect people still reading those pamphlets. Though it is true they are still a good form of marketing a local business.

But here we are talking about a business which crosses international borders, here we are talking about blogs.

Blogs are spread over the internet and there is no way this industry is falling down in the coming 100 years. So do you think if you are living in the USA, then you can send out pamphlets in Indian Market without any head aching frustration and uneasiness in work. No.

But emails can go. Whether you are sitting in any corner of the world and you have to send an email anywhere across the globe you can send it out (Considering both the places must have Internet connection).

When Gary Thurek first sent out an email for marketing purposes then he didn’t know that he was going to change the vision of Marketing. He just created an email and sent out in one of his email ist and boom here we are today surrounded by emails everywhere.

Let me tell you a very interesting fact: did you know that every 1$ spent on email marketing, boost your sales by almost 38$. Isn’t it amazing to know that we are making a profit of 38$ per 1$ investment? 

And also did you know an average millennial spends his 3 to 4 hours daily only reading emails. 

Now you are thinking of how to create an Email list and will it work for you?

Yes, Email works every time. This is the reason they are considered to be the best way to market any business. For blogs and websites, Email Marketing is one of the best sources of traffic for their new or non-ranking articles.

Building an email list is not at all difficult. You just have to create engaging methods for your audience. But before creating any forms or pop-ups, first, you have to understand your audience. Analyze about their interests, their age group and what type of content they want to hear from you.

After that start collecting their emails in exchange for something that would interest them. People have built an email list with lakhs of email subscribers. This way they don’t want to rank on every keyword and they don’t talk much about ranking in SERPs; they just create a piece of content, publish it and send it out to their readers via email.

Moreover, if you have a shopping website, then you will have a skyrocket boost in your sales. This way you can make a lot of profit with your online business.

This proves that an email list is an eternal mantra for fruitful blogging and to generate greater leads in a very less amount of time. So when are you starting to create an email list? 

Just don’t think of much. Analyze your audience. Prepare something to give in return for their emails. Also, ensure that their data is private and secure with you. And now as the visitors come to your website they will come in contact with a pop-up form that will exchange emails with some free resource.

You can also automate this complete process of collecting email by using software like MilerLite, Zoho Campaigns, and many more tools that can provide you ease in creating and handling an email list. 

With custom templates and outstanding analytical reports, these campaigns will help you a lot in sending out creative and engaging emails.

So reach out to people and give your page visitors count a boost.