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Xfinity Internet Plans and Pricing – All You Need to Know

Xfinity is a very famous internet provider in America. Its users are taking advantage of its fiber internet services. They are providing their users’ plans according to their intention and usage. Xfinity internet providers provide packs like Xfinity internet bundles and single plans etc. The Xfinity internet plans are very reasonable to other service providers.

Now I am going to describe all the things about Xfinity including their plans and review. I hope after reading this blog, you will know interesting facts about Xfinity in the Xfinity internet reviews.

What is The Importance of Xfinity Internet?

It is America’s biggest cable internet provider. Today, you all read about its positives and negatives as well.


  • They provide their users with speedy internet speed.
  • They also provide great flexibility to their users with many plans according to their intention.
  • They also provide their services on a contact or no-contact basis according to the situation and need.
  • The starting Xfinity internet plans are very cheap or low.
  • They provide internet to their users for home phones, mobile, home security, etc.
  • They are also providing fiber optic internet to some users in some cities.


  • They charge rental costs for equipment.
  • They do not have any reach in low-populated areas.
  • They also charge one-time installation costs for many plans.
  • For account information on pricing, you must create an account with them.

After reading all the pros and cons, now you can understand whether “is it good for you or not”.

Xfinity Internet Plans (Xfinity Single Plans and Xfinity Bundle Plans)

The Xfinity internet plans start at 50 Mbps and cover a very big geographical area. They give a USD 10 discount to those users who are using paperless billing and they impose USD 10 extra upon whom they choose the manual payment method.

When you are a user of Xfinity’s Xfi Gateway{its unique router} then they deduct your bill by an additional $5 per month. Xfinity’s Xfi Gateway is a very powerful device that gives you better control over your internet and can enhance your experience of usage.

Xfinity provides its users with contract-free plans. These all plans include a 1.2 TB per month data cap.

  • 50 Mbps – USD 50/month – Good for up to 4 devices
  • 100 Mbps – USD 60/month – Up to six devices
  • 300Mbps – USD 70/month – Up to eight devices
  • 600Mbps – USD 80/month – Up to 11 devices
  • 900Mbps – USD 90/month – 12 and more

When any user decides to sign in their 24- month contract then they provide these above plans at the least cost. The per-month price of their 24-month higher speed  plans is as follows :

  • 600 Mbps – USD 65/month
  • 900 Mbps – USD 70/month
  • 1200 Mbps – USD 80/month

When your 24-month plan will finish then they apply discount-free charges whenever you will not make contact with the 24-month plan a second time.

It also provides its users with a free streaming box with internet plans. This box includes and contains major streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu etc. 

What Does Xfinity Offer Prepaid Internet?

Xfinity offers short-term services of prepaid plans for whom they want limited services according to their needs and income. Therefore for fulfilling the needs of these types of users they make one or two-month plans for internet connectivity.

For prepaid plans, you first pay modem fees of USD 35 and thereafter USD 15 for a seven-day connection and USD 45 for a 30-day internet connection.

Does Xfinity Participate In The Affordable Connectivity Program {ACP}?

Xfinity provides internet assistance to the weaker sections of society who do not have much money to afford their product. This program is named an Internet Essential Program. They provide their facilities at only USD 9.95 monthly and give speeds up to 50 Mbps.

They also provide an Internet Essential Plus plan at USD 29.95 for whom they are coming from the weaker sections and want to double their internet speed.

Now I am going to present Xfinity internet bundle plans for those who want to fulfill other purposes such as TV, security, mobile facilities, etc.

The Xfinity Internet and Television Plans

If you want to use the internet and streaming television, then it is much more suitable for you that you should take Xfinity television and internet plans. These plans are also known as “Double Play” plans

You must know that the charge for a TV box of USD 5 will add to your TV+internet plan when you want to take or choose “Double Play” plans. It allows its users to record live programs because it comes with 20 hours of DVR.

It provides 50+ Spanish-speaking channels. Through it, you can learn and speak other languages without paying an extra cost.

The no-contact options are as follows:

  • 100 Mbps and 10+Local channels: USD 70 per month
  • 300 Mbps and 125+channels( including Fox, TLC, and HGTV): USD 100 per month 
  • 600 Mbps and 185+channels: USD 130 per month
  • 1200 Mbps and 185+channels: USD 160 per month

On the plans which start at 300 Mbps and above, Xfinity offers a discount for its 12-month program or plan. Here is a list of the annual plans arranged on the monthly form.

  • 300 Mbps and 125+ Channels: USD 79 per month
  • 600 Mbps and 185+ Channels: USD 109 per month
  • 1200 Mbps and 185+ Channels: USD 134 per month
  • 1200 Mbps and 10+ Channels: USD 89.99 per month

Xfinity also provides a 24-monthly plan if you want to prefer a long-term connection. These plans are given below:

  • 600 Mbps and 125+ Channels: USD 90 per month
  • 600 Mbps and 185+ Channels: USD 110 per month 
  • 1200 Mbps and 185+ channels: USD 135 per month

Some of its later plans will include an extra cost of USD 7.50 per month as a rental fee for the X1 HD box. This is a rental cost that will be included in your above plans.

Xfinity Internet, Television, And Home Phone Plans (Triple plan)

Xfinity offers home phone options to those who want to take the “Triple Play” service. This facility is also named Xfinity internet bundle and provides internet for phone, internet, and television plan in one bundle. The Xfinity internet bundle plans contain three facilities such as internet, Television, and home phone plans.

Xfinity’s triple play plan has only a few plans. This plan also has less flexibility. These plans are given below:

  • 300 Mbps+ channels, no contract, and unlimited local calling – USD 110/ month ($99/ month with a one-year agreement).
  • 600 Mbps, 125+ channels, 24- month contract, and unlimited local calling -USD 100/ month.

It does not allow worldwide calling but you can check for the availability of the facility for worldwide calling in the Xfinity center. It provides top internet-based calling because internet calling is now on trend. 

Xfinity Internet and Home Security Plans

They allow its users Xfinity internet bundles plans of security plans with internet plans. Xfinity fulfills users’ security needs and provides them with the internet but they do not provide a TV or phone facility with it. They provide a 24-month plan at USD 119.99 per month and offer gigabit internet at 1200 Mbps.

Xfinity Home is the name of its smart home security service. This facility is offered by them at USD 30 per month. They also provide a self-protection option at USD 10 per month. This facility will give its notification to you and not to any local security company.

Xfinity provides a cheaper Home Base system at USD 15 per month and includes this equipment: 

  •  A touchscreen control panel
  • Three window/ door entry sensors
  • A motion sensor (pet-friendly)
  • Yard sign
  • Backup batteries

They charge for this complete system USD 20 per month. It includes the rent of all the things.

When you have a big home you must pay for all the equipment individually. Costs of different security devices are given below:

  • Window/ door sensor: USD 20
  • Smart smoke detector: USD 70
  • Smart thermostat: USD 120
  • Cameras: USD 120
  • Keypad: USD 40

Internet, Television, Phone, and Security Plans (Quad Play)

The “Quad play” provides facilities of local calling, security, TV, and internet in a pack. This plan has also come with no contract and contact plan. All no-contract plans come with the facility of self-monitoring security. These plans are given below :

  • 300 Mbps, 125+ channels, phone, and security – USD140/ month
  • 600 Mbps, 185+ channels, phone, and security – USD170/ month
  • 1200 Mbps, 185+ channels, phone, and security – USD 200/ month

The Quad play program with self-monitoring security for 24 months is given below:

  • 300 Mbps and 125+ channels – USD 119.99/ month
  • 600 Mbps and 185+ channels – USD 149.99/ month 
  • 1200 Mbps and 185+ channels – USD 174.99/ month

When you want to include professional monitoring services, the provider will charge USD 10 per month extra on top of the long plans.

Xfinity Mobile- Mobile Phone Plans and Pricing 

Xfinity offers a USD 10 discount for their mobile service users. Now I am going to mention mobile pricing. Xfinity’s primary mobile offer is called the Unlimited plan and this plan can be able to connect up to 10 lines. The cost of their respective plans are as follows:

  • One line- $45/month
  • Two lines- $80/month
  • Three lines- $100/month
  • Four lines- $120/month
  • Five lines- $140/month
  • Six lines- $160/month
  • Seven lines- $180/month
  • Eight lines- $200/month
  • Nine lines- $220/month
  • Ten lines- $240/ month

If you want to choose an unlimited data pack you must take our gig plan. The rates of plans are given below:

  • 1 GB – $15/month
  • 3GB – $30/ month
  • 10 GB – $60/month

If you add additional tablets or Android phones then they charge $10 per month extra. The Xfinity Hotspot offers speeds up to 600 Kbps. But this facility is only suitable for some time.

Now, I am going to present full Xfinity internet reviews in brief. I hope it will help you to sum up all the things collectively.


Xfinity is one of the best internet providers in the USA and it provides its facilities full of managerial support and also proves support to society. They are providing many plans named single, double, triple, Quad, internet facility with security control, etc. You can also follow the Xfinity internet self-install guide.

Xfinity single internet plans are suitable for those who want to use the internet only and Xfinity bundle plans are available in double, triple, and Quad plans. Therefore we can say Xfinity contains plans for all types of users.

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