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How to Self-Install Xfinity Internet: Xfinity xFi Internet

So you’ve finally decided to choose Xfinity as your internet service provider. You’ve weighed all the options and you are worried about the next step! Xfinity internet installation. Well, there are two ways you can go to! You can either get a professional to install your Xfinity internet or you can order an Xfinity self-install kit. “Xfinity internet self-install kit” is essential if you wish to save money on professional installation every single time you get a new internet connection. Read below to learn how to Xfinity self-install the internet with the Xfinity internet activation guide. 

How to Order your Xfinity Self-Install Kit

If you decide to go through with Xfinity self install then the first step includes ordering your “Xfinity internet self install” kit. You don’t have to pay for the kit, you have the choice to order it from your internet service provider. You can order the Xfinity self-install kit while placing your order for the internet service online or over the phone. Once your kit arrives Xfinity self-install is pretty easy!

When you get your “Xfinity self-install kit”, you should check the contents inside to see if you’re not missing anything. 

What’s In Your Xfinity Internet Self-Install Kit?

To get started, you need everything perfectly in your Xfinity self-install internet kit and how to install Xfinity internet. Here’s everything that you’ll find: 

  • xFi Wireless Gateway: A combined modem and router device
  • Power cable, Coaxial Cable and Ethernet cables to keep you connected
  • Getting started guide and Setup manual
  • Documentation regarding Xfinity privacy policy and your internet service

Now that you’ve confirmed that you have everything you need. You can start off with an Xfinity self-internet install. 

Xfinity – Self-Installing your Xfinity Internet Connection

Once you’ve made sure that you have everything you need in the Xfinity Self-Install kit you can get started with the Xfinity self-installation. Follow the simple steps listed below!

  • Connect one end of the Coaxial cable to your wall socket. Turn it clockwise to tighten, make sure you tighten it all the way.
  • Connect another end of the Coaxial cable to xFI Wireless Gateway. 
  • Plug the power cord into the back of your xFi Gateway and the other end into a wall outlet.
  • If your gateway doesn’t start automatically, you have to press the power button. 
  • Wait until the connection light stops blinking, the process could take up to 20 minutes

That’s all you have to do for “Xfinity internet self-install“. The next step is activating your connection. 

Activating Your Xfinity Internet Service

Once you’ve set everything up, you have to activate your service to enjoy your brand new Xfinity internet service with “Xfinity internet activation”. There are multiple ways you can go through the process. The process is different depending on the service and equipment you ordered. 

  • Xfinity xFi Mobile App: This app from Xfinity can be used to activate xFi pods and certain Xfinity gateways. The app is available for all Android and iOS devices. 
  • Web Browser: This process is pretty simple, all you have to do is visit xfinity.com/activate and follow the instruction provided there. 
  • Your TV: If you need to activate your Xfinity TV services then you can do that right from your TV. 

The exact process may differ based on service and local providers. Make sure you check the setup instructions in your Xfinity internet Self-install kit. 

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