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Is It Still Available Yahoo Chat Rooms Services?

If you are one of the early internet users then we are sure Yahoo has been an integral part of your lives and it made a difference. Ranging from Email to Chatting, Yahoo provided users with almost everything they could ask for. A long time before Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, and other chat messengers were famous, “Yahoo chat rooms” were widely famous and used all across the world. Do you want to know what exactly are Yahoo Chat room and what do they offer? Most importantly if they are available today or not?

Evolution of Yahoo Chat Rooms

Yahoo Chat rooms first came into existence on January 7, 1997, as a public chatting service. Later, the first-ever public page for Yahoo was announced and it had Yahoo chat as one of its prime features. The 90s Kids have had so many memories related to Yahoo chat rooms, Chatting with random people all around the world had its thrill. In 1999 the service was renamed to Yahoo! Messenger and it was shut down by the end of 2012. 

Due to the low user count, Yahoo decided to shut off the Yahoo Chat rooms service permanently, but still, a large number of people across the world showed that they were saddened by the shutdown of Yahoo chat rooms service. Another reason Yahoo decided to shut off Yahoo Messenger is that it would allow them to put forward other Yahoo products that deserve the limelight. 

The Era of Yahoo Chat Messenger

After the Yahoo Chat room Services were put to an end, they launched a new Chat messenger service in 2015. It came equipped with all the latest features that could replace the older chat service, the previous version of the Yahoo Chat Messenger was almost similar to other messaging applications as they allowed to send free texts, GIFs, emoticons, Links and Important documents. 

That’s not all, “Yahoo chat messenger” offered many new features. VoIP, Yahoo 360 Integration, Voicemail, Video calling, Flickr support, In-chat YouTube Streaming facility, and the ability to chat with Facebook friends were some of the features of Yahoo Messenger.

Discontinuation of Yahoo Chat Room Services

After a long series of being shut down and getting restarted Yahoo Messenger service was finally shut down on July 17, 2018. It was partially replaced with Yahoo Together which was also discontinued on April 4, 2019. Yahoo has no chat messenger service as of now. 

Yahoo has a history of shutting down its services to put their other products first. They always look out for areas that can have more scope in terms of growth. Other factors can result in the shut down of a service such as Users dropping out, Competitive services, huge losses, etc. 

As per a statement put forth by Yahoo they ended Yahoo Messenger service to stop putting time and resources to any communications tools.

Replacement for Yahoo Chat Room Service

While nothing may be able to give you the hit of nostalgia but some messaging services can easily replace “Yahoo chat room services“. Facebook Messenger, Skype, Whatsapp & Chat Room are few such names. If your sole purpose of using chat services is to share texts and links and documents then any of the above mentioned will suit you perfectly!

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