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5 Ultimate Strategies To Increase Your Podcast Listeners

Today the trend of podcasting is on the rise on different social media platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc. With the increase in social media usage, people listen to different artists’ podcasts. If you are an influencer and an artist who does not know how to increase your podcast listeners, then you can grow your audience with powerful tools from Libsyn’s podcasting platform. A podcast is a great way to earn money if you think YouTube isn’t your thing. You should try to find a niche or topic you’re comfortable talking about. If you love games, then you should talk about games and related things. If you’re enthusiastic in talking about the things you love, then it’ll be easy to find your ideal listener base.

It’s really tough to grow your podcast listeners. As podcasting is already a niche industry, it’s vital that you find your ideal podcast listener. There are the top 5 ultimate strategies to increase your podcast listeners. These are as follows:

Strategies to Increase Podcast Listeners

Marketing your podcast, or YouTube channel isn’t easy. There are tons of things you can try, and what may work for you may not work for others. While there are some basic things you can try, there are some unique stuff that you should try.

1. Calls to Action Formula

This is the first and foremost strategy to increase your podcast listeners. CTA or Call to action is a strategy where at the end of your podcast, you, as your listeners, review your podcast and share it with family, friends, and followers of you on social media. If you have a strong CTA, people will be encouraged to listen to you. Write something motivating, funny, or clever depending on your genre, and people will click on your podcast. Use only one CTA at a time at the end of each podcast. Keep in mind that a catchy CTA goes a long way. If you can push in highest level of creativity in your CTA, then chances are that you’ll get new listeners.

2. Promote Podcast on Social Media

Once you complete your podcast, make sure to promote it on every channel of yours on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Use some powerful quotes from the episode and attach them with the link to the previous episode. Also, try to create behind-the-scenes or bloopers. These are videos and pictures that people love to see, so ask someone to film you and your guest in action. Share these on your social media channels. There is a tool called Audiogram that can be used to promote podcasts and attract new listeners.

3. Create and Repurpose Content

If you want your podcast to attract more listeners, write some content since Google can search text better than audio. Write blog posts about your podcast. If you do not like to write, get someone to write them for you and convert transcripts into blogs. Create a decent blog and write transcripts. A show note from the transcript will help the listeners to find a particular point to listen to again in the podcast. You can share transcription snippets on social media channels. Share your previous episodes once in a while because they are still relevant. Things are all the same that can be needed to hear by someone at any point. Add infographics because that will help and offer good value to people.

4. Podcast SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is quite beneficial for your podcast in order to help it grow. A good SEO will attract listeners when they search for your Podcast on Google. Try to add keywords in your podcast title. Add some detailed but concise descriptions using SEO keywords at the start. There are only 120 visible characters in search listings.

5. Invite Guests and Stars

Inviting some guest or a star is a great way to increase your podcast listeners. In this way, the audience of the guest will also visit your podcast, and your topic will be brought to life. The show will be more entertaining as the guest shares some insightful and valuable points. Share that podcast on every channel, and you will see a wider audience visiting your podcast.

So, using these five strategies can help you a lot with your podcasts. Work on creating interesting content so that your listeners remain engaged with your channel.

Final Take: Tips to Increase Podcast Listeners

Now that you know about the best tips and tricks to increase your podcast listener base. The tips that we’ve mentioned above are some of the basic things. You should try to be unique from similar podcasts in your niche. Once you find your ideal podcast listener base, you can make your podcast your source of income.

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