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80 20 Triple Monitor Stand – A Guide To Buying The Best One

While looking for a good multi-display setup stand, the 80 20 triple monitor stand will benefit you. The stands look incredibly fantastic. Not that they only look good, but they can also meet your need to set up multiple monitors like a piece of cake.

The 80 20 triple monitors stand perfectly set the whole monitor up, and deliver a good viewing angle. Once you try it, you will know what you missed out on all these times.

Therefore, we attempted to introduce you to our guidelines to get the best multi monitor stand out of all the choices. Now, let’s move further to see what you can expect!

80 20 Triple Monitor Stand – How To Pick The One?

When trying to get the best triple monitor setup, nothing can beat 80 20 triple monitor stands. The 8020 is already strong enough with the mechanism that they offer. But before you get one, here are a few other things that you need to look for:

1. VESA Compliance

If your monitor is VESA compatible, then the mounting option must also be VESA compatible. Currently, the most common VESA compatibility standard is VESA 100, meaning the holes are about 100mm apart from each other.

You need to get the monitor stand depending on your monitor mounting holes and type so that you don’t face any issues afterward.

2. Monitor Size

Although most 8020 monitor stands are created, keeping in mind the standard monitor sizes, you have to be very concerned about it. Make sure that all the three monitors you will be using are compatible with the accommodation of the stand.

3. Adjustability

If you have any specific setup planned in your mind, you have to look for the adjustability of the arms. The stand must offer good arm adjustability to accommodate all three of your monitors easily without facing any trouble.

4. Cable Management:

Lastly, you must think of the cable management system of your space where you will place the stand. As there will be three monitors, the cables will make a mess. So you need the proper professional planning to keep everything neat and flawless.

Benefits Of Getting An 80 20 Triple Display Stand:

  • Perfect For Workplace

These monitor stands are incredible for your multi-monitor setup and workplace. Especially if you want to use triple monitors simultaneously, the stands are more profound than wall mounting. You can look at any one of the monitors with the same ease and comfort.

  • The Adjustability Is Flawless

If you wall mount three monitors, you cannot get the required adjustability. Sometimes, we may need to move the monitors to get the flexibility. You will get the perfect flexibility from the monitor stands.

  • On-Point Height Adjustability

Regardless of your height and sitting position, you can constantly adjust the stands per your requirement. This is super beneficial while you are working. You don’t need to sit still to use the monitors.

  • Ideal Alignment

The stands offer perfect alignment for three different monitors. You can choose how you want to keep the monitors apart from each other. Therefore even after setting up one monitor, there will be adequate space to place others without any trouble.

Difference Between A Monitor Arm And A Stand:

Although they may sound similar, there are vast differences between a computer monitor arm and a stand. Now we will focus on the differentiation:

Feature Monitor Arms Monitor Stands
Space Requirement Less Space NeededAverage Space Required
Installation Quite DifficultEasy
Adjustability Fewer Adjustability OptionsMore Adjustability Options
Customizable OptionsMore Customizable OptionsLess Customizable Features
Multiple Monitors Set UpGood For Multiple MonitorsBest For Multiple Monitors

Monitor Arms:

When you want a less messy workplace, a monitor arm will provide that comfort. You can set the monitor up in the 3D space, which means you can adjust the monitor on the X, Y, and Z-axis. As a result, if you have less space to set up monitors, this one will be very beneficial.

Besides, these offer excellent customizable options you cannot have from a monitor stand. However, the installation of the arms is a little bit of trouble if you are a beginner. You need to follow proper guidelines to install them.

Also, monitor arms come with size and weight limitations. As a result, if you don’t be extra careful, the monitor’s weight may cause breakage to the arms.

Monitor Stands:

Usually, monitor stands are less expensive and easier to install. You can install these on any type of desk or setup. Also, monitor stands offer you to install multiple monitors with your desired setup.

Alongside the installation process, the monitor stands’ removal procedure is sleek. Moreover, height and tilt adjustability options are very beneficial while working. As a result, people prefer to use the stands while setting up multiple windows.

Other Things To Know About The Monitor Stands:

Is It Worth Getting A Monitor Stand?

Monitor stands are highly flexible, providing you with enough support and great functionality. So if you want flexibility and ease of usage at less cost, you have to switch to the stands.

Are Triple Monitor Stands Worth It?

If you want to set up multiple monitors, the triple monitor stands are worth the shot. They are an incredible space-saving option, as well as super ergonomic. You will get outstanding flexibility at the same time.

What Height Should A Monitor Be?

The monitor must be at your eye level and approximately 50-100cm from you. To maintain your eye health, you must ensure you are not too close to the monitor.

Terminating The Discussion Here

Alongside talking about the 80 20 triple monitor stand, we have also shared much information about other aspects. Hopefully, the whole discussion has been entirely beneficial to you.

As a verdict, we must say that, while setting up multiple monitors, a multiple monitor stand will benefit you greatly. The sturdiness and strength of the 8020 triple monitor stand are worth purchasing.

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