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Best Free Financial Planning Apps for 2022

Managing your wealth and planning your finances is a crucial things to do. Regardless of who you are, it doesn’t matter if you’re just starting your career or if you’re a professional. Making informed decisions about managing your personal funds or clients’ funds is a crucial step to staying financially smart. They aid investors in keeping track of their income and expenses and preparing budgets. 

In recent times, there have been endless financial apps that improve how you handle your money. If you can use these apps, then you can improve how you’ve been handling your finances. 

What are Financial Planning Apps?

Both professionals and individuals need financial planning apps, and these apps are used by users all over the globe to make smarter decisions about the funds. Individual investors use financial apps to build budgets, keep track of income and expenses, organize the details of their investments, and connect all their accounts. These financial planning apps can provide a complete picture of personal finances, retirement plans, mortgages, and loans.

You can use a series of financial planning tools and apps to help you track expenses and savings. However, there are more complex financial planning apps that offer detailed financial information and access to financial statements. You can even access Profit & Loss statements, dividend history, financial ratios, and information about different markets. 

Best 4 Free Financial Planning Apps

As we’re all stuck in our lives, it’s hard to focus on more important things like saving the earned money. You can hire wealth managers, but they’re often expensive. However, if you wish to gain first-hand experience and manage your finances by yourself, then you should take advantage of free financial planning apps. There are tons of mobile apps that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store. These financial planning apps are easy and quick to use, and allow you to keep track of your information. Here’s our list of best free financial planning apps:

1. Mint – Best Financial Planning App

Mint is a famous mobile financial planning app that allows you to track money and manage it. All that you can need from a financial planning app, you’ll get on Mint. All you need to do is enter some basic information and Mint takes care of the rest by providing you crucial information from time to time. 

2. Pear Budget – Web-Based Financial Planning App

Pear budget is another top free financial planning app. It’s a web-based tool that uses a spreadsheet format. If you love automation, then this app isn’t for you. All the information has to be entered manually, you can modify the expense category whenever you want. As a first-time user of the financial planning app, PearBudget gets the job done. 

3. GnuCash – Linux Financial Planning App

As mentioned above, GnuCash is a Linux-based financial planning app that relies on double-entry bookkeeping. GnuCash is an amazing account tool that you can use for personal or business use. It can easily keep track of your spending and help you save money. 

4. Level Money- Well-Known Financial Planning App

Level Money increases the amount you can spend each month, week, and day. The app automatically collects important data from your phone and sends you a reminder on how much amount you have left that you can spend. This allows you to level your savings and expenses and helps you make smarter financial decisions. You can also see data about your spending habits from the information the app has collected about you. 

Best Wealth Management App 2022

Wealth management apps are also available to download for free. With these apps, you can create an account and enter your investment data. These tools keep track of your investments, and how they’re performing. These include shares, mutual funds, fixed-income securities, and more. Here’s our list of the best wealth management app:

1. Morning Star

While Morning Star is a paid wealth management app, you can also try out a free version. The app offers a free 14-day trial so users can experience what the app has to offer. 

Morning Star is a global investment research and financial services firm that also offers wealth management services. 

2. Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a wealth management app that evaluates your current investments and helps you make smarter decisions in the future. You can examine your investments, and the app will help you determine your current investments, and where you should invest in the future.

Personal Capital also contains Net Worth calculators that help you calculate your net worth. You can add all your investments, and bank accounts to get a fairly accurate idea of your net worth. 

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