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The Best Android Play Store Apps

Are you determined to update and upgrade your lifestyle with the invention of new technologies? These technologies could upgrade your lifestyle and make your lives much easier for sure. But what do all of these technologies have you opted for? Did you just buy a new Android Smart TV? They are becoming increasingly famous and have shown that they are worth spending all the money on.

But then bringing the android television home and just using it to watch cable tv on it does not make sense. You need to start using it as a big mobile screen and benefit by viewing your favorite content more than ever. Let us help you out a bit.

We have gathered a great list for you consisting of the best Android Play Store Apps which you can install on your televisions and even mobile phones to get the best experience. It is a complete mix of videos, productivity, music, fun, and other applications.

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The Best Android Play Store Apps

It is easier to get confused with so many applications advertisements and recommendations coming on our screen all the time. Hence, we toned it down for you and helped you get the gist of it by listing the best ones.

1. Netflix

Is it even a question that you should install Netflix? The best part is that Netflix is already installed on a lot of the devices and in case it is not, you can download it from the play store.

Netflix is one of the best streaming service when it comes to watching movies and television series. It has almost something for everyone. Are you looking to watch some documentaries or a movie?

You will find the different genres, which are further divided properly on the entire application. Even if you want to watch it later, you can add it to the list and see the ones you would like to access later. Surely, a compulsory application for everyone to go through.

2. AirScreen

One of the best features of android televisions is that it supports Google Cast. Google cast makes it easy to cast the content from different android mobile phones to the screen. Not just this but you can use other Google applications like Chrome browser and even Chromebooks to cast straight to your television screen.

But while google cast is supported, apple airplay is not an easy option found in android television. It is, therefore, you get the right help and download AirScreen. Through this application, you can simply mirror the iPhone or even the iPad to screen on the Android TV box. The application is compatible with Google Cast, Miracast, and even DLNA protocols.

3. Google Drive

Everyone is aware of google drive and that it is a source of helping us to store our files which can be accessed from anywhere and everywhere. The same can be done on your new android television. To access these various files which you save on the computer, on your television, you can choose Google Drive.

Play videos, view images or see the other documents which you transferred into the drive. But unfortunately, google drive is not yet available for download on the google play store for your android tv.

But you do not have to worry because there is another way to do it. You can start by sideloading the application. Ensure that you have an X-plore file manager installed on your Android TV. Once you have that, you can install the applications’ APK file.

4. Spotify

We all have this application on our mobile phones, but it seems like a bit of a hassle to connect our phones to a speaker. Instead, we all prefer playing songs on the big screen, like Spotify for example.

Moreover, all the other TV music channels sound annoying with all the advertisements coming in between. The same is the case with YouTube which also has a tone of ads unless you decide to pay and use the YouTube Premium version.

To solve all of these problems, we have Spotify for you. Spotify offers a full and separately dedicated application for your Android television which also includes Pandora and Google Play Music.

5. Hulu

We mentioned Netflix above but let’s be honest. Netflix is not enough to catch up on all the great shows, now, is it? Therefore, we have some other options ready for you as well. To get live TV or even on-demand content and others in one service, then you should choose to go for Hulu + Live Tv. The cost of the complete package is not even a lot.

Not only this, but the company made sure to keep developing the application a lot and was able to make it one of the best and the top android television applications when compared to a lot of them.


Through the list, we hope to cover almost all the top and Best Android Play Store Apps 

that are easy to install and can be used with android television. There might rarely be any of the areas of the user’s interest, which might not be covered by the Android Television.

Even though you are an android user or not, these applications are super easy and quick to use. They make your life much easier and provide you with a lot of options and ease when you are trying to entertain yourself. So, don’t wait up. Get started on watching your favorite television shows today.

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