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Hidden Kitchen Storage Ideas You Should Try

Storage is very important – especially when you want your kitchen to maintain a streamlined look. The problem is that you don’t always maximize the space that you have in the kitchen, and many hidden areas remain overlooked.

There are endless kitchen storage ideas you can try. But we’ve done research, and here are a few tricks from cabinetset.com to solve your storage problem.

1. Use Your Kitchen Island

Quite often, people do not use their kitchen islands to their full potential. Many homeowners buy kitchen islands simply for the counter space, without ensuring that they also have enough storage beneath them. A good tip would be to create drawers that you can add in the free space underneath the kitchen island or, why not, buy a kitchen island with as many drawers as possible.

“Considering the area under the island’s worktop is also essential as it offers ample space for storage and kitchen essentials such as low fridges, deep drawers, or the all-important wine fridge. In a kitchen, islands, along with subtle, hidden storage options, such as pull-out racks and vertical towers, help create a clean, clutter-free space,” says Ben Burbidge, interior designer at Kitchen Makers.

2. Integrate Storage within the Splashback

Very often, people do not realize that something as simple as a splashback can incorporate storage. For instance, rather than simply tiling the wall and leaving it like that, you may add some narrow cabinets out there and use furniture stickers or vinyl decals to make them blend. You can easily make wood cabinets look like a marble wall if you use the proper storage pieces and the right vinyl stickers.

“The biggest trend at the minute is people wanting storage integrated into a splashback. You only have to add about 15cm to the back of the worktop to make space for spice racks, chopping boards, and cleaning materials,” mentions Mark Dyson from Enclosure Architects.

3. Rolling Storage

Did you buy ready-made kitchen furniture, only to be left with some extra space next to your last cabinet? Or maybe you have some extra space between your refrigerator and the wall, or even next to your sink. In that case, rolling storage can help you take advantage of that tiny spot.

Very often, homeowners create their own rolling storage frame, based on exactly how much space they have left. The addition of shelves will allow them to store items that can’t go in the fridge, such as cans, jars, or spices. Typically, these shelves are as narrow as a can, so that they could easily be concealed.

4. Create a Breakfast Cupboard in a Tall Cabinet

If you need a place to conceal your appliances, then you might want to consider integrating a breakfast cupboard into your cabinet. It’s the perfect option when you do not have a pantry, but you still need a place to hide away the appliances. Many kitchen cabinets are used for the wrong reasons, so you might want to turn a tall cabinet into a breakfast cupboard.

“I’m a huge fan of the breakfast cupboard. It’s the ultimate storage solution where you can hide all the paraphernalia that usually clutters up worktops – kettle, toaster, coffee machine. The other great benefit of a breakfast cupboard is its flexibility,” says Irene Gunter, the owner of Gunter & Co.

5. Put Storage Racks on Doors

A good way to hide away small items, such as cutting boards, knives, or spoons is to create a storage rack. It will also make it much easier for you to reach these items while saving drawer space.

You can make it yourself, or you may attach something as simple as a magazine holder to the door. You can use your creativity to make a piece to your liking. No one will ever know that you have hidden storage there.

6. Toe-Kick Drawers at the Bottom of Cabinets

Base cabinets have a small area underneath them that is usually empty. For most homeowners, that’s the space your cat hides in when it starts playing hide and seek. However, you might want to consider installing a shallow toe-kick drawer there instead.

This hidden storage would be perfect to hide things such as cooking pans, cleaning supplies, or pet bowls. You can build the drawers yourself, or you may purchase them from someone who makes them. Most base cabinets allow you to add a toe-kick drawer, so check if the manufacturers of your cabinets also offer this service.

The Bottom Line

Whether you have a small or big kitchen, it’s always good to take as much advantage of your space as possible. If you want, you can even try out some outdoor kitchen ideas if you love hosting backyard parties. Hopefully, our tips were of good use to you, and you can now enjoy some extra storage space in the kitchen.

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