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Top 10 SEO Tools Reviews- Full Overview

SEO or Search Engine Optimization controls the visibility of your website on Google and other search engines. This is an important way to prove the relevance of your site on Google. Through it, website owners can tell Google that their website has valuable and relevant information that users are searching for. 

Through these SEO techniques, it’s possible to get a rank at the top results. You need to provide vulnerable and attractive information to your users. People should use these SEO tools to improve the visibility of the website.

There’s no limit to the types and the number of SEO tools. We’d love to share our top 10 favorite SEO tools. Here’s our pick of the Top 10 free SEO tools:

10 Best Free SEO Tools

1. Answer The Public – Best for Keyword Ideas

Many tools get data from the same place which is the Google keyword planner. The awesome tool can find questions that people ask on forums, blogs, and social media. You can ask questions, and this tool will convert them into amazing keywords. 

We will be surprised when we hear that there are many people who search for “X” and “Y” keywords on Google. 

2. Woorank’s SEO And Website Analyse Tool – SEO Improvement Suggestions

You can only access this tool using an extension. But overall, the tool is pretty great. First off, the tool will give your website an overall SEO score. After that, the tool will show you all the places that need improvements. Not only on-page SEO, but the tool will also help you improve your Off-Page SEO strategies. This tool will give you a full description of problems and their resolution.

3. Animalz Revive – Content Editing and Updation

Animalz Revive is perfect if you need help in keeping your content fresh and updated. It provides you update on older content on your website. This allows you to update, or upgrade the content. Thousands of SEO personnel still manually comb through their websites to see if the content needs to be updated. 

It presents which article on your site needs the most attention. It has a feature named “ traffic loss since peak(viewer)” which lets you know how many visitors a piece of outdated content you are costing.

4. Canlrank – Offers Ranking Suggestions

Canlrank is a super detail keyword difficulty tool and it is also a more likely SCO  tool. It will give you advice on whether or not you can not rank for this keyword.

It is very cool and it gives useful suggestions which can help them rank for specific terms.

5. Google Mobile-Friendly Test – Best for Making Mobile-Friendly Websites

Google recently changed its algorithm which is known as “mobile-first indexing”. there are many people who are using mobile phones to search on Google and other search engines instead of the computer. Therefore it is today’s need that you should optimize your website as mobile-friendly.

Google’s mobile-friendly test can optimize your website as mobile-friendly through a mobile-friendly test tool. It will inform their user about when their websites are not considered mobile-friendly websites. The “page loading info” feature of this tool will tell you why your website is not loaded or partially loaded.

6. Seed Keywords – Best for Finding Keyword Ideas

Many of the keyword research tools work in the same manner which is given below: 

  • Enter a seed keyword into the tool.
  • Suggests closely related keywords

Everyone types the same keywords into these tools but seed keywords take a completely different approach.  You should ask your customers how they have searched for you online. After that, you should type these keywords into your keywords research tool.

Once the result comes in you should use Seed Keywords to do a Google search for the keyword that people gave you. In this easy way, you can quickly scan and search results and can see how competitive these keywords are.

7. Exploding Topics – Best for Finding Keywords Before They Start Trending

This tool bubbles up trending topics. This way you can content around these emerging trends. It contains 2K topics in its database and they are adding more and more topics rapidly.

You can examine and present topics that are important for your business. Let’s say, you want to find a fresh topic for skincare brand marketing, then you’ll have to search for the “beauty” tab. That’s all it takes to find new topics, that are about to be trending.

8. SEObility – Best for Thorough SEO Audits

The tool crawls your entire site in minutes, then it finds these issues which you can change to improve your website. Some of the most common things that it shows:

  • Slow loading pages
  • Blocked pages
  • Sitemap problems 
  • Technical SEO issues

It is good for its user that SEObility gives this data free to the user.

It has a feature which is known as a “content report”. this report presents you with a list of pages that have SEO issues in content. 

9. Ubersuggest – Best for Keyword Suggestions and Competitor Analysis

It has lots of features that are usually found in premium SEO tools but it is a completely free tool. Using Ubersuggest is simple, all you need to do is type in the keyword or website URL you want to audit. 

You can rank above your competing website through this tool. Users can get a more detailed view if they want. You can get detailed metrics about keyword difficulty, search volume, backlink information, and more. You can find related keywords revolving around your focus keywords. Through we can find or show “x” vs “y” keywords.

10. BrowSEO – Explore Your Website From the Search Engine’s POV

All know that search engines see your site differently than you do. With BrowSEO you can get x-ray vision that search engines have.

It contains the best feature which is SERP preview. SERP preview offers a preview of how your website page/blog looks in the search engine result pages. This is helpful if you want to build a more SEO-friendly title and description. SERP preview can examine your title and description and get aware you of it.

Conclusion – Top-Rated Free SEO Tools

SEO tools are very important to rank your web in Google or other search engines. When you want to make your website visible at the time of search then you should make a creative website that can attract Google first and after that the searcher. There are lots of free SEO tools that are made for easing and making content creative. 

These tools can find new ideas, improve sites on-page and off-page,  improve the content, rank faster, optimize mobile devices, research keywords, help to make competitive content, crawl your entire site (in fact we have an amazing web crawler list that you should check out), and make you aware of the visibility of the site in the web.

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