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Best Free Keyword Research Tools for 2024

Every SEO professional out there would say keyword research is the biggest part of their job, and it’s true. Why? Because finding the right keywords is a shortcut to finding success in SEO. 

Relevant keywords can help in improving the SEO results.

Irrespective of what most SEO professionals may say, finding the best keywords is not at all simple. You must commit to keyword research, choose the right tool, and always keep looking for room for improvement.

To help you out, we’ve compiled this guide with top 6 free keyword research tools. 

Features of an Ideal SEO Keyword Research Tool

There are endless keyword research tools available in the market. But, the tool you consider best may not be the best for someone else. According to us, the best keyword research tools must be:

  • Easy to Use

A perfect SEO keyword research tool should be easy to use.  Even if you’re not a technology expert, you should be able to use the tool.

  • Accurate with Metrics

An SEO keyword research tool must have accurate metrics. If the tool shows bloated numbers, you won’t be able to build an ideal SEO strategy for your business

  • Really Free

An ideal tool for free SEO keyword research should be free. There should be no hidden pricing. Having pricing tiers with different features is understandable, but promoting a tool as free that’s not free is not. Find a tool that is really free. 

  • Have a Support Team

The best free SEO keyword research tools should offer simple, dependable customer support, allowing you to contact the support staff and solve issues quickly. 

Best Free SEO Keyword Research Tools

Best Free SEO Keyword Research ToolsBest For
Google SEO Tools  New bloggers and website
SEOquakeSEO toolbar extension
Moz Keyword ExplorerUser-friendly SEO tool
SemrushSmall and midsized businesses
Wordtracker Scout Reports Taking less time
Serpstat Cheaper price

1. Google SEO Tools – Best for New Bloggers and Websites

Let’s start off this list of free SEO tools with Google SEO tools. Not just keyword research, these tools also help you with website optimization and offer advanced website analytics. The Google SEO Tools suite is made up of multiple tools, such as:

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics (now Google Analytics 4) allows you to monitor every single data about your website. If you want to see how many users visited your website, how many new sessions within a time period, or some other data, you can do so with Google Analytics. Google Analytics allows you to map out user behaviour, website traffic, and other valuable SEO data.

  • Google Keyword Planner

Now comes the Google Keyword Planner. Google’s own tool for keyword research. The tool allows you to research keywords, how much volume it has, and the CPC of the keyword. 

If you’re new to keyword research, then Google Keyword Planner is the best tool to start with. It’s easy to use, shows accurate data, and is completely free.

  • Google Search Console (GSC)

Monitoring a website’s performance on SERPs is crucial for the success of any marketing effort. Google Search Console allows users to keep track of keywords, click-through rates, and other vital metrics. 

Reasons to UseReasons to Avoid
Free to use.The keyword research tool in itself doesn’t offer as much functionality as other keywords.
Offers a variety of tools and advanced features.
Discover keywords that best fit your type of content or website.
Easy to use.

2. SEOquake – Best For SEO Toolbar Extension

SEOQuake is an excellent SEO analysis tool for websites. The biggest reason to use this tool is that it is available as a toolbar extension. With the help of SEOquake, users can find accurate keyword metrics and also track keyword rankings. 

You can also compare your website metrics with your competitors and adjust your SEO plan accordingly. 

Cost: Free  

Reasons to UseReasons to Avoid
Easy to use.Website design needs improvement.
Faster accessibility.
All in one solution to find good SEO and Keyword recommendations.

3. Moz Keyword Explorer – User-friendly SEO Tool

Although Moz Keyword Explorer is an SEO research tool, you can also use it as a keyword tool. You can work on your website and SEO all thanks to the tool. Content creators, website owners, and SEO experts can all benefit greatly from the tool.

With Moz Keyword Explorer, you can save your search terms for later use and target your audience with pertinent keywords. Knowing which keywords are ranking and which are not is helpful for planning.


  • Free version: 10 Free keyword queries per month
  • Standard Package: $99/month
  • Premium Package: $599
Reasons to UseReasons to Avoid
Variety of features.Not available as a  mobile app.
Informative SEO and site metrics.Premium versions are expensive.
Vast resources for customer support.

4. Semrush – Best SEO Tool for Advanced Analytics

Every SEO professional knows about SEMRUSH. Compared to all the other tools on our list, SEMRUSH offers the most features. On the free plan, you’re limited to just 10 searches per day. 

Semrush is a fantastic tool for research, analytics, competitor research, and more. With SEMRUSH, you can find gaps in your current website, improve content, find a wide range of keywords, spy on your competitors, and do so much more. 

Semrush allows you to do website optimization and ideal distribution of your content across various channels, similar to Google’s SEO tools. While the free plan is fairly limited, you will find no limitations in the paid plans.


  • Free: 10 free searches per day 
  • Pro: $119.95/ month 
  • Guru: $229.95/ month    
  • Business: $449.95/ month 
Reasons to UseReasons to Avoid
Attractive dashboard.Some terminology is not easy to understand.
Advanced features.
Comprehensive toolset.

5. Wordtracker Scout – Best for Reports Taking less time

Wordtracker is another free SEO keyword research tool that keeps a user-friendly approach at the centre. Similar to other tools on our list, Wordtracker Scout makes it easy for you to locate high-volume keywords. Based on your content, the tool offers keyword recommendations and suggestions.

Wordtracker is a paid tool, but it also has a free version that allows you to do 12 free searches in a day.


  • Free: 12 free searches per month
  • Bronze plan: $27/month
  • Silver plan: $69/month
Reasons to UseReasons to Avoid
Reasonable premium price.Reports take time.
Easy to use.
Good customer support.

6. Serpstat – Best for Cheap Price

Serpstat is a tool for SEO and PPC keyword research. You can use it for site audits, backlink analysis, and keyword research, among other things. Serpstat helps you improve the overall ranking of your website. Using Serpstat, you can easily monitor and gain insight into your website. 


  • Free: Available
  • Pricing range: From $69 to $499
Reasons to UseReasons to Avoid
Good for keyword research.No data drawn from social media.
Keyword analysis provides better insight than others.Limited searches with its free version.
Cheaper prices.

Conclusion: Top-Rated Keyword Research Tools

Any website that wants to attract organic traffic must conduct efficient SEO keyword research. To do that, selecting an appropriate SEO keyword research tool is essential, and using a free tool can help you do so without spending any money.

Use any of the free keyword research tools on our website and generate quality SEO strategies for your business that give great results. 

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