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CenturyLink Antivirus- All Information About its Working

Today people are spending most of their time with their mobile or any other computing device. Through it, we all can make calls, gather information, use social media platforms, and do office work also. So, we all are using these devices to do almost every type of work. 

Our world is changing day by day because of these technologies. The technological advancements have allowed us to do banking online. You can pay electricity bills, do online shopping, and pay other bills online easily.

We put our personal data on different platforms which puts our data in danger. We should not take these threats carelessly. We have to be aware of the tools that we can use to protect ourselves from online threats. 

CenturyLink Antivirus is a program that can help in securing your personal information and other information. It secures data kept on the device including passwords, bank details, and personal images and information. And it also protects you from online viruses. 

CenturyLink virus protection is a very powerful antivirus program powered by McAfee. This software is best to detect viruses, malware, other dangerous activities,etc. CenturyLink Antivirus is user-friendly because it can detect or figure out software’s complexities easily.

Now I am going to present all the information relating to CenturyLink security. 

What Is CenturyLink Antivirus Security By McAfee?

It is an award-winning program and it is able to protect many computing devices. CenturyLink Antivirus security services protect your personal information and privacy with reliable antivirus technology.

CenturyLink Antivirus protects your system from online phishing and virus attacks. It also protects your device from ransomware, malware, and other malicious content. 

How Many Devices CenturyLink Antivirus Can be Able To Protect?

You can get CenturyLink Antivirus at no additional cost, it comes equipped with all CenturyLink internet plans.  If you want, you can download the software on 2 supported devices. It can also support or protect 20 devices for customers when they have secured WiFi installed on their leased modems.

How Can I Install The CenturyLink Antivirus Program?

It’s super easy to install and activate CenturyLink Antivirus. All you have to do is follow the steps we’ve mentioned below:

  • Log in to the CenturyLink Antivirus website by using the McAfee installation device. 
  • Go to the services menu, scroll down and choose the Download McAfee Security link. 
  • You’ll be redirected to a new tab. On this new tab, click on 

“ Internet Support Topics”. Then it will show two options in front of you which are “Download” and “Send Link”.

  • For installation of the CenturyLink Antivirus software on your device, click on the “Download” option and follow all the directions. 
  • That’s it. Now your downloading will start. 

How Many Devices Can I Install CenturyLink Antivirus On?

You can download CenturyLink security on at least 2 devices. It’d be great if you download it only on devices that are compatible, such as: laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc. It provides facilities according to the operating system of your device and it protects your device accordingly.

How Does CenturyLink McAfee Security Work?

CenturyLink leverages machine learning to keep you secure online. It also comes equipped with a global threat intelligence system (GTI) to scan files, texts, emails, and downloaded apps for threats. 

If CenturyLink Security finds something fishy, it’ll suggest to you the steps you need to take to protect yourself. It can detect viruses, spyware, ransomware, and malware. 

Features of  CenturyLink Security 

It provides its services according to the operating system of the devices. McAfee provides many security features according to the devices of users.

  1. McAfee Protection for Desktop
Anti-Malware AvailableAvailable
Vulnerability ScannerAvailableNot Available
Safe Web BrowsingAvailableAvailable
McAfee WebAdvisorAvailableNot Available
  1. McAfee  Protection For Mobile phone
Real-Time ProtectionAvailableNot Available
Identity Theft ProtectionAvailableAvailable
Safe Web BrowsingAvailableAvailable
Web AnalysisAvailableAvailable


CenturyLink security is great at protecting your device from different types of malicious activities. It is very important to know that it comes free with the CenturyLink internet plans and CenturyLink Email Services. It is a very safe antivirus that is able to protect personal information and other sensitive information. 

Today our world is going to become a digital world where technology will play a vital role therefore we should learn about antivirus software to save our data or personal information from threats.

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