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How to Choose the Ideal Drupal Firewall for Your Website?

If you are here looking for the ideal Drupal firewall, chances are you have already gone through a bunch of security companies feeling utterly lost. Therefore, trust me when I say that we have all been there. What should you be exactly looking for in a firewall for your Drupal website? We have tried to make a case for how to do this in this article.

But first, let’s reiterate why a firewall is needed in the first place.

So different security practices do enhance the security of your website; it does not quite fight zero days and new & evolving attack techniques. While Drupal security practices are needed for security enhancement, you can not rely on it solely. You need real-time security for your website. Further, traffic and request monitoring has come to be one of the most efficient ways one can fend off attacks.

A rock-solid firewall from a trusted source can help you with that. With more than 4000 ransomware attacks happening daily, it is essential to use a firewall to block known threats and attacks to secure your website.

But the most important question is how to choose the perfect Drupal firewall. Each firewall owner will tell you how great their product is by emphasizing its strengths and by downgrading other vendors. But in this article, we will teach you how to make that decision by yourself.

Points to consider while choosing a Drupal firewall

Here is a list of qualities that you need to consider before making a final decision.

1. It should provide protection from attacks and vulnerabilities.

With the increase in the variety of cyber hacks, it is crucial for you to consider that the firewall of your choice is capable of protection from known attacks (SQLi, XSS, CSRF, DDoS, etc). Look for a firewall that can detect the vulnerabilities from the third-party plugins, servers, applications, etc; and protect against them until developers fix them, as well.

2. It should be using the right techniques.

Nowadays firewalls employ a combination of detection techniques for the accuracy of detection. The more the variety of detection techniques more accurate the coverage that doesn’t block legitimate traffic. These techniques include normalization, behavior analysis, signature matching, etc. The firewalls that are capable of behavior analysis can detect the anomalies specific to your website by learning its traffic pattern. With such a firewall, it will be easier for you to detect suspicious traffic regardless of the signature updates and rules.

Also, do not forget to ask your vendor to give you proof of detected zero-day threats, false-positive rates, and third-party test results. This will help you in realizing the effectiveness of the features of a firewall.

3. It should enhance performance and reliability.

Firewalls can also help in enhancing the performance of your Drupal website and maximize the overall output. Therefore, make sure to look for these capabilities before choosing a firewall.

  • Blocking bad bots.
  • 24*7 monitoring and active blocking.
  • Protection from known vulnerabilities.
  • Protection from zero-day threats.
  • Vulnerability patching.
  • Comprehensive report and analysis.
  • Customer support.
  • Attacker Profiling.
  • Threat Analytics.
  • Suspicious login alerts.

4. It is customizable.

Sharing the same CMS does not ensure that your firewall requirements will be the same. Customization of aspects, policies, and rules of a Drupal firewall is crucial in determining the effectiveness of the said firewall. They need to be custom-built to increase the accuracy and consistency of a firewall.

While choosing a firewall, make sure that it offers security analytics, real-time insights, and 24*7 visibility of risk postures & business impact.

5. It provides easy reporting and visibility.

The essential requirement for an ideal Drupal firewall is mitigating threats and protecting your website from them. But what we often miss is the solution that makes it easier for a business to collect and analyze data through comprehensive reports. A detailed report on traffic and audit logs can help you make your decision wisely.

While you are at it, keep in mind to check with the vendor about the customizability of the report, i.e.; it can be generated on demand according to the schedule, user-friendliness, report formats, and distribution methods.

6. It is easy to deploy.

The most important factor in choosing the firewall is how easy it is to install and deploy on a website. You do not want your website to crash down while deploying a firewall, do you? Astra Security firewalls are super easy to install, flexible, and hassle-free, and cause no crashes on onboarding.


After going through this article, it might be easier for you to choose a decent Drupal firewall. The excellent and continuously evolving AI of a firewall makes it more compact and reliable for your Drupal website. Apart from protecting against malware attacks, it will also help you actively monitor your website. So choose wisely.

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