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3 Questions to Ask a Digital Marketing Consultant in Singapore

Most of the time, businesses question whether they have the time to market on social media. Social media marketing is a great opportunity to promote your goods or services as there are over 3 billion social media users around the globe. Do you have a business in Singapore that you want to get on board with social media but just can’t seem to find the time for? This is why outsourcing all your social media marketing needs to a digital marketing consultant in Singapore is the best option for you.

Hiring a social media marketing agency in Singapore will help skyrocket your online presence. Professional digital marketing consultant Singapore specialists are equipped to build marketing strategies for your social media needs. However, outsourcing your digital marketing should not just be to anyone. It is important to be patient through your research process and create a set of questions to ask the social media agency Singapore experts.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the act of advertising on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to market a business’s product or service. Social media platforms now have tools that allow digital marketers to track the performances and analytics of their social media marketing campaigns. This allows digital marketers to better understand how well their campaigns are doing. In addition, this will help the digital marketer to focus on improving important metrics such as the click-through rate of their ads.

Ads are very important in social media marketing. Ads consist of the title, description, and images. It is important to have an in-house copywriter and designer to work on building and creating the most engaging ads for users. This investment will pay off in the long term as your campaigns will do better exponentially.

To help you find the perfect social media agency in Singapore for your business, we have outlined 3 crucial questions that you need to ask them before making an agreement.

1. Who are your clients?

Asking for references on previous case studies or blog posts is a must for your research development. Several social media agency Singapore websites display their testimonials or clients they have worked with on their own web pages. Go through their clients’ social media platforms to have a better understanding of how they work.

There are occasions when a company does not want to disclose that they are working with a social media agency. However, most social media agencies’ Singapore consultants have an approved list of customer references. It is important to ask for example projects that are similar to your field or industry. For example, if you are working on a property, ask for references from other property agencies.

2. What is your overall approach to social media marketing?

Digital marketing consultants in Singapore specialists have different methods for their social media marketing strategies. This question helps you better understand what are the agency’s vision, values, and beliefs. It is important to share similar core values with digital marketing consultants in Singapore experts.

Having similar values can create less tension during any meetings or communication in the long run. Having the social media agency adapt to your values or the other way around may take a toll on the results. This question is important to ask the digital marketing consultant in Singapore specialists as you have a better idea of what their worldview is. This will also tell you how their values fit with the overall marketing and business landscapes.

3. How is your pricing structured?

Digital marketing consultants Singapore businesses or social media marketing agency Singapore specialists have complex pricing structures. There are two common ones such as the flat fees or the monthly retainers.

Monthly retainers are a good form of pricing structure as the digital marketing consultant Singapore specialists are only paid for the work that they do. However, if you are a smaller or a startup business, it is recommended to work with a social media agency in Singapore that offers a flat fee. With a flat fee, you can determine which services you want to prioritize that are within your budget.

The main point of asking about their pricing structure is to make sure that you know where the money is going. It is a way to get a clear breakdown of the costs. For example, you will know how much is spent on content development or advertising.

In Summary

Finding the perfect social media agency Singapore partner to work with can be a tedious process. This article shows a simplified version of the vital questions to ask a digital marketing consultant Singapore firm. However, there are still many more questions that you should plan to ask before partnering up with them.

At Digital Solutions, we have the solutions to all your questions. Feel free to contact us anytime for a consultation!

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