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How To Find Promo Codes?

If you’re wondering what is promo code, then you’re not the only one. Promo codes are a combination of letters and numbers that are issued by a product/service seller.

You can use the promo codes to get a discount on a specific product/service. Many eCommerce websites provide Promo codes or coupon codes to attract customers and increase sales.

Do you know how to find coupon codes? If not, then keep on reading. We’ll share tips to find coupon codes using multiple sources. Here’s how to get started.

How To Find Coupon Codes- Tips And Tricks

We’ve broken down our guide on how to find promo codes into 3 different categories. Read and save on shopping.

Tried and Tested Tricks & Tips To Find Coupon Codes

While writing this guide, we came across a couple of methods that are sure to work. Here are some tried and tested methods to find money-saving deals.

  1. Google Search

Google search is the most-used method to find promo codes. To find the promo code of a specific eCommerce business, you simply search “Name of business+promo code.” This will bring up a list of websites containing codes for the website. Example: “Nike Promo Codes”.

This is a general method to find coupon codes for a specific eCommerce store. It can work almost every time. Although, there are chances that most of the coupon codes won’t work. You’ll have to do a lot of trial and error.

  1. Coupon Toolbar And Extensions

There are a lot of browser extensions that help you find money-saving deals. If you’re wondering how to find coupon codes, there are a lot of extensions to help you out.

Compared to searching Google for Coupon codes, browser extensions save a lot of time. You can install coupon extensions on your browsers like Chrome and Safari.

Coupon extensions can automatically find, test, and apply the best available coupons while you are shopping online.

An extension opens up a window while you are shopping on an eCommerce website. The extension will automatically find the best available coupons for you.

  1. Coupon Websites

There are lots of famous coupon websites that offer the most popular and reliable coupons to visitors. Some of the most famous websites include:

  • Honey
  • RetailMeNot
  • Offer.com
  • Slickdeals 

These coupon websites offer coupons for the most trusted brands and filter out all expired coupon codes.

In-Store Strategies & Tips To Find Coupon Codes

You can also find coupon codes on the retailers’ websites, especially at the time of holidays or festivals. Retailers are regularly generating discount codes to attract customers.

Here are some ways you can find coupon codes for specific brands.

1. Store’s Coupon Page

There are lots of eCommerce websites that showcase coupon codes on their official website. Some brands make a dedicated page for coupon codes. Explore the menu of the brand you’re shopping for and find the coupon page.

Sometimes eCommerce stores advertise their discount codes and highlight them on their official websites. So you can easily find discount codes from their stores’ websites.

2. Sign Up For the Newsletter

Many eCommerce stores offer discount codes as an incentive for signing up for their newsletter. These codes are typically personalized for you and contain long strings on numbers such as “HOLIDAY-AQS2388” and you can use this code for only a single purchase.

If you want to find a promo code, then you just navigate the newsletter box on the retailer’s website. After finding the email box, you fill in all the entries accordingly. After some time, you will receive an email that contains your coupon code.

3. Live Chat

If you want to find a promo code for any specific website then you can chat with its customer service agents and ask them if they have any discount codes available today.

In this cutthroat business environment, businesses do not want to lose customers, thus they offer promo codes on live chat as well.

To start chatting, you search for a “live chat” link. This link generally appears at the bottom of the website page. You just click on it and it connects you directly to the company’s support staff.

4. Abandon Your Shopping Cart

When you’re shopping online, add a product to your cart and leave it there for a couple of days. This is a very common method to find money-saving deals.

After abandoning your shopping cart, chances are that the company will send you an email. The email will generally ask you to complete the purchase. To incentivize customers to make a purchase, companies often add a coupon code to the email.

How to Find Promo Codes Using Social Media?

eCommerce companies offer many shops and save coupons on social media platforms as well. Here are some tips to find coupon codes on social media.

  1. Slickdeals

Slickdeals is a well-known forum and it offers lots of coupons and deals. This forum is split into messy discussion threads, so it can be difficult to find great coupon codes.

You can use the Google search engine to search trending promo codes on Slickdeals. Just type “slickdeals.net + name of specific brand+ promo code” on Google.

  1. Reddit 

Reddit is a great source of coupon codes. Reddit provides promo codes for almost all the big eCommerce brands. Same as Silckdeals, you can find coupon codes for specific stores using Google.

If you want to find a promo code for Adidas then you just type“ site:reddit.com Adidas promo code.” on Google. Chances are that you will find promo codes for Adidas.

  1. Twitter

Twitter is often the preferred social media platform for most users. Apart from announcements, you can use Twitter for finding discount codes as well. Many brands use Twitter to advertise offers and products. And sometimes they tweet their promo codes directly on Twitter.

Many social media influencers and marketers tweet promo codes on Twitter because Twitter is a vastly used platform. 

Use Twitter’s search bar to search brand names and hopefully, you’ll find some coupon codes. 

  1. YouTube

YouTube is a big social media platform and it can also help to find money-saving deals and coupon codes. 

Many YouTube influencers advertise promo codes of big and small eCommerce platforms on their videos. And you can use these promo codes to find money-saving deals.

Or you simply type “brand name+ promo code” in the youtube search bar to find the best money-saving deals.

How To Find Etsy Shop Coupon Codes?

Etsy is a big eCommerce marketplace where people can make, sell, buy, and collect unique items. So, you should apply the below tips and tricks to find the coupon codes for Esty shop:

  1. Check Your Inbox

You first subscribe to Etsy emails or add your favorite brand as “favorites” and whenever they have any money-saving offer then they will send you an email. 

  1. Visit a Shop’s Homepage

Sometimes Etsy provides its promo codes in its “announcement” section.

  1. Follow Shops On Social Media

You can find coupon codes for Etsy on top social media platforms, such as Twitter, YouTube, etc.

  1. Search Coupon Codes On Reputable Coupon Sites

You can use top coupon code websites to find Etsy’s many saving offers.

  1. Filter Your Etsy Search

If you want to find discount codes for a specific category, then you check the boxes named “ free shipping” or “on sale.”

How To Find Amazon Coupon Codes?

Do you know how to find Amazon coupon codes? If not you should follow the steps that are depicted below:

  • First, visit the official website of Amazon.
  • Then log in to your Amazon account.
  • Then go to Today’s Deals page.
  • Then tap on the Coupons option.
  • To add a coupon to your checkout, you simply tap on the Clip Coupon option.
  • And complete the checklist process

Conclusion – How to Find Promo Codes?

By using coupon codes marketing, buyers can find discounts on their purchases and marketers can find leads or potential customers. 

There are lots of websites that are providing coupon codes for top eCommerce platforms and here you can find the best money-saving deals of different brands according to your interest and preference.

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