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How to Subscribe With Twitch Prime Using Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime Video is an amazing movie and web series streaming platform. Users can also get membership of Twitch Prime at zero cost with the membership of Amazon Prime.

If you’re searching on the web about “is Twitch prime free with Amazon Prime?” then you should read this guide till the end. 

In this guide, we will cover almost everything you need to know about how to subscribe with Twitch Prime.

What Is Twitch Prime Membership?

The Amazon Prime Membership is essential to subscribe to the twitch prime game streaming platform. . If you want to use the Twitch Prime gaming content you must take the membership of Amazon Prime. The Twitch prime gaming content contains exclusive gaming content.

This game streaming platform is very good for Amazon prime users to learn how to play games efficiently. If you have access to Amazon Prime then you can use this gaming platform. 

If you have any problems regarding how to use the Twitch prime sub on mobile or how to Twitch prime sub on mobile and how to subscribe with Twitch prime, then you are on the right track.

Link Your Amazon Prime With Twitch Game Streaming Platform

For using the Twitch game streaming platform, you should link your twitch prime account with your Amazon Prime account. Here, I am going to present all the steps which will help you in doing so. You can also use your mobile phone and computer to watch live streaming of Twitch games.

  • First, tap on the “Sign In” button and enter your Amazon Prime login details.
  • In the next step, sign in to the Amazon account and tap on the “ Link Twitch Account”.
  • Tap on the confirmation symbol and then search for the Twitch game streaming platform.

You should read below to enhance your knowledge about the importance of a subscription.

Subscribe to any Twitch Streamer Free Of Cost

When you want to subscribe to any Twitch streamer through Prime membership, it will cost $4.99/mo to subscribe. You can search for the profile of any streamer and can subscribe to him.

If you are going to subscribe to any streamer for the first time from your Twitch account then it provides an option of “Free Subscription For One Month”. Through this option, you can subscribe to any streamer free of cost. 

Thereafter, if you want to subscribe to any streamer then you tap on “Subscribe” again and then tap on the “Continue Sub” button. It will demand money for the subscription. And whenever you will pay $4.99 as a subscription cost then you can stream videos. Once your free trial is over, you have to pay money to keep enjoying the services. 

How To See Your Current Twitch Subscriptions

Any user of Twitch can view his/her subscription easily. For watching it you tap on your profile picture which is situated on the top right corner of your screen and thereafter tap on “Subscriptions”.

After reading this part of the blog you are able to answer how do you subscribe with Twitch Prime.

How To Renew Your Subscription To a Streamer Via Twitch Prime

When you have a subscription to a streamer via your Twitch Prime account, you must wait for the finishing of the subscription. 

The Subscription option presents all the information regarding the subscription. It presents all your current, and expired subscriptions with the information of your subscribed streamers.

I hope I have provided enough knowledge about how to Twitch prime sub on mobile and how to subscribe with Twitch prime, etc. 


Twitch Prime is an incredible game streaming service that can help its users to enhance their capabilities in gaming. When you link this platform with your Amazon Prime then you can access this platform easily.

This platform also provides many streamers facilities. Through their guidance, you can play games full of confidence and attention. But this platform charges monthly charges of $4.99. If you are a game lover you must subscribe to this platform.

Twitch prime also can run on both mobile phones and computers easily after linking with Amazon prime. I have explained how to use Twitch Prime sub on mobile above.

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