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Online Plagiarism Checker Tools: Check Copied Content In Simple Steps

The digital world is full of written content and information and copying the written content from sources that don’t belong to you is illegal and unethical. Not only is it illegal, using copied content can have some huge legal complications. According to sources, 25-30% of all the web content is duplicated and stolen from some source. If you have a website and you wish to check if the content is authentic or not, then you can take the help of a series of online plagiarism checker tools. 

Google, Bing, and other browsers have very strict policies regarding duplicated content. Avoiding plagiarized content on your personal or official website is a tough job but it helps in upholding your brand’s reputation. It may be a tough task, but we have curated the list of the best online plagiarism checker tools that can be used to detect copied content. 

Top Duplication Checker Tools 2022

There’s no limit to the tools available online that you can use to verify the authenticity of the content, but not all of them do as accurately of a job as you’d want them to. Here is a collection of the best online plagiarism checker.

1. Prepostseo.com – Duplicate Checker Tools

Prepostseo offers 1000 words per search without making any account. Users that have paid for the premium version can get up to 25K words per search. The tool provides incredible search results by using a deep search algorithm. What makes it different is that it detects plagiarism from content like social media posts, blogs, and other content that other plagiarism detection tools forget.

2. PlagiarismChecker.co – Free and Paid Duplicate Checker Tools

The PlagiarismChecker.co is available for users as a free and as a paid tool. With the tool, you can easily check all kinds of content such as research papers, blogs, website content, social media posts and so much more. However, there is a limit to the content you can check on the free version. Users can only check up to 800 words per content with the free version, the paid version on the other hand allows up to 30K words per content. What makes the tool worthy of being among the top players are the detailed search reports and multiple user logins. It is easy to detect copied content using this tool.

3. Grammarly

Grammarly entered the scene as a grammar checking tool, but it soon offered the feature of plagiarism detection. This Tool is amazing for freelance bloggers and students, who need to search if the content is copied or not. The plagiarism detection tool offered by Grammarly shows how much of the content is copied from other web sources. Grammarly provides some of the most accurate results as it cross-references content data from over 16 billion web pages. 

4. Quetext

Quetext is basically a household name for SEO experts, bloggers, content creators, and students. Regardless of the type of content, Quetext always provides clear and accurate reports of your content. The tool is completely free to use, and it allows the users to search the content and get proper analysis, and conditional content scores. Quetext highlights all the content that is sourced from any sources.

5. Prowritingaid

Another grammar detection tool on the list is Prowritingaid, but it can also be used to detect copied content. You can detect copied content from your written copy and also fix grammatical errors. The tools use AI to detect grammatical errors and plagiarized content. 

6. Turnitin

Turnitin is one of the lesser-known plagiarism detection tools available online. It helps in identifying grammar mistakes and plagiarized content. The tools show copied content on the right side of the display so you can remove or modify any of the content. The simple and intuitive UI helps the users in correcting all the plagiarized content from their copy. 

Why Do You Need Plagiarism Detection Tools?

Stealing content from others is obviously illegal and also is an unethical practice. It is a wrong academic practice and it also violates journalistic ethics. Using someone else’s content for your own gain can also mean legal repercussions. To put it in simple words, using plagiarism detection tools can help you save yourself from illegal and unethical practices.

Conclusion: Best Online Plagiarism Detection Tools 2022

As you already know, using someone else’s content is considered illegal and unethical. Various tools can help you detect if the content is plagiarized or not. We tested the tools and found some of the best options available in the market. Pick any of the best online plagiarism detection tools listed above and enjoy the benefits.

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