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Best CPA Networks For Affiliate Marketing Programs in 2022

Are you searching for the best CPA networks for affiliate marketing, then this is the right guide for you. In this article, we’ll be listing some of the best CPA networks that offer great earnings to their affiliates. Earning money online is the best thing you can do to boost your personal finances. Let’s be honest, with technological advancements, our expenses are also growing, fortunately, the same technology helps in earning extra income. So, if you also love earning extra income, then these best CPA networks are just for you. 

With CPA marketing, you can earn extra money on daily basis, you don’t have to wait for your payday and you can make your expenses more flexible. And the best part is, there are so many best CPA networks to choose from. 

Let’s start with our list of best cpa network for affiliate marketing programs that we’ve compiled with rigorous research. 

What is CPA Marketing Network?

CPA is also known as Cost Per Action, is a type of marketing network that pays commission per sale or deal. Let’s say if you promoted a product on your website or social media, and someone purchased the product through your link, you’ll receive an incentive. With the best CPA marketing network, you can earn thousands of dollars every month. 

There are different types of CPA networks, with different pay models. You can get per sale, per lead, per action taken by customers, and others. 

Best CPA Networks 2022

1. MaxBounty – CPA Marketing Network

Max Bounty is a well-known name when it comes to affiliate networks/CPA networks. Plus, you get support from trained affiliate managers who can help you find the best product that you should choose for a promotion. 

There are over 20,000 affiliates on this CPA marketing network and all the affiliates are vetted and offer high-quality traffic to the merchant’s site. If you’re just starting to learn about the best CPA networks, then you can learn from the training materials offered by Max Bounty.

2. Clickbooth

Clickbooth is one of the best CPA networks in the industry and it has been around since 2002. The platform makes sure that its affiliate marketing program is easy to use for merchants. What makes it one of the best-rated CPA networks is that the AI technology provides up to 25% earnings per click.

There are no costs to join Clickbooth. If you choose to advertise products listed on Clickbooth, then you can monitor traffic performance from different affiliates. Plus, you can manage budgets, payouts, schedules, and campaigns or you can let Clickbooth’s expert team handle the work.

3. PeerFly – CPA Marketing Networks

While PeerFly is a smaller company compared to other best CPA networks on our list, it still offers enough features to keep up with industry leaders. The platform was launched in 2009, and it was ranked as the second-best CPA network in 2016 and ranked in the top 5 CPA marketing networks in 2018. 

PeerFly offers to match or pay more than other top affiliate marketing program. The network offers free training for affiliate marketing, and you can get weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly through PayPal, Amazon gift cards, checks, wire transfers, Payoneer, and Bitcoin. 

4. Admitad

Admitad has more than 520,000 publishers and over 1,500 advertisers. Similar to PeerFly, Admitad was launched in 2009 in Germany and hosts international offers, thus making it one of the best affiliate marketing programs.

One of the best things about Admitad is that you just need $10 in your account to request a payout, which can be done using PayPal, payments, and wire transfer.

5. W4

W4 ranks last on our list of best CPA networks, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth trying. It has low numbers of advertisers, which can be credited to the fact that they review customer applications before approving advertisers.

The publishers can boost their revenue by referring their friends and family to this affiliate marketing program. W4 also has a dedicated support team that can help affiliates and merchants with new rewards programs for the highest-earning affiliates.

Best CPA Marketing Networks: Tips & Best Practices

There’s not a single strategy that you can implement to keep earning. There are some best CPA networks tips and best practices that you can apply. Here are some of the best strategies you can use to improve your earning in an affiliate marketing program.

1. Consider Hiring an Affiliate Manager

If you don’t really have much experience in affiliate marketing, then your best strategy should be to hire an affiliate manager. An experienced affiliate manager can help you:

  • Review affiliate offers and provides crucial insights
  • Build strategies on types of affiliate links to use
  • Provide tips and tricks on promoting the merchant’s products.
  • Send product updates and new creative to CPA affiliates.
  • Deal with taxes and set up your accounting services

2. Avoid CPA Networks with Bad Reviews

The downside to using a CPA marketing network is using networks that have shady practices. Before you start using an affiliate marketing program, you should read reviews. If you end up looking for a CPA marketing network that has a perfect rating, then you find not a single one. Here are some of the most common topics of negative reviews:

  • Lack of payment (although even the best CPA networks tend to hold payments for a specific reason, so you should research thoroughly).
  • Unhelpful/rude affiliate managers
  • Counter intuitive sign-up process

3. Leverage Native Ads

You shouldn’t still have to rely on ugly huge banner ads on your website header. To get the most revenue from the CPA marketing network of your choice, you should start using native ads. 

  • Native ads industry is expected to grow more than 80% in 2022.
  • 77% of all mobile display ads spend will be on native ads. 
  • Industry experts predict native advertising will make up more than 70% of all display ads in 2022 in the US.

Best CPA Marketing Networks: Industry Trends

If you make sure to follow the CPA marketing trends, it can help in increasing your revenue and build a great strategy for your affiliate marketing plan.

  • CPA Marketing is expected to reach developing countries, which means you can tap an untapped market. 
  • CPA marketing strategies should be more focused on the copy instead of pop-ups and headlines.
  • Influencer marketing is a common practice in all types of CPA networks marketing. Many eCommerce networks use influencer marketing to grow their sales. 
  • eCommerce businesses will spend a huge part of your budget from traditional marketing to the affiliate marketing program and performance marketing.

Final Take: Best CPA Networks

CPA marketing is the next growing trend in the digital marketing industry. It’s fast-paced, easy to use, and optimized for earning the best revenue. Follow the industry trends, and ti

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