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Single Wall Kitchen Design Trends You’ll Want to Try

Single wall kitchen cabinets are often the go-to for studio apartments or condos. Their purpose is to create more space by stretching the kitchen into a living area. As a result, the kitchen area only involves a couple of cabinets on just one wall – something that does not allow your creative juices to flow too much. With that in mind, there are still some things that you can try. Here are just a couple of ideas.

1. Kitchen Island Addition

One wall kitchens may just be one wall on which you added some cabinets, but this does not mean you can’t get a kitchen island.

This is especially trendy in condos or larger spaces, where a kitchen island may be fitted without affecting the living quarters. Plus, you will get more storage space this way.

“A one-wall kitchen generally has only one countertop to cook meals, which may be very inconvenient when there are two or three people at once simultaneously doing their culinary magic in one kitchen. The solution is a single-wall kitchen with an island to add more working space to the cooking process,” says Boris Groysman from Groysman Construction.

2. Patterned Backsplash

If you have one boring run of cabinets that just makes the whole area seem plain, then you might want to bring the “wow” factor into the mix. A popular trend is to add some personality to a backsplash by using some patterns and colors.

Don’t be afraid to add some daring colors to it. Go for the shades that you love. Contrasting colors are a nice touch, as they catch the attention right away. Or maybe go for an “accent backsplash” to compliment the rest of the space. It will certainly make the kitchen area seem less boring.

3. Incorporate Tall Cabinets

In a single-wall kitchen, the absence of storage space is a great concern. To make up for that, most people install tall kitchen cabinets that reach up to the ceiling. This allows them to use the space that would have otherwise been wasted.

You know you will probably place pans and other stuff above a low cabinet, so why not make them taller and prettier?

“One wall kitchen is ideal for those with a smaller space that still want an impactful kitchen. The simplicity of a one-wall layout is that you can maximize efficiency without compromising on functionality. You need to think vertically and create as much extra storage space as possible by utilizing the height of your walls,” says Olive & Barr founder, Al Bruce.

4. Open Shelving

Typically, people with a single-wall kitchen are struggling with a distinct lack of space in the kitchen. This is why users are opting for open shelving instead of cabinets. This option will make any narrow space feel much wider.

To add a little spark of something extra to the shelves, you may want to give the shelves a unique backsplash. It can be water-resistant wallpaper, or it may be tile or mosaic (the recommended choice if you want to avoid lingering grease stains). Shelves are also a great choice if you have kitchen items that you wish to show off.

5. Handle-Free Cabinets

Very often, handles and other similar kitchen adornments make a space appear more crowded. This is why a popular trend is to remove the pulls and knobs altogether and install a J-pull style type of cabinet.

These handles will not only create a horizontal and less cluttered look, but they will also make your kitchen appear cleaner. Plus, they make kitchen cleaning a piece of cake.

Handles and pulls typically hold the most grease and bacteria and are significantly more difficult to clean. By removing them entirely, you can take one more problem off your hands, as you will no longer have any handles to clean.

The Bottom Line

A single wall kitchen may appear limited when it comes to designing it, but you have more options than you think. You just need to let your creativity flow and make use of the space that you have. Used correctly, this type of kitchen may complement your entire house. We hope our article has given you a few ideas.

And if you aren’t a fan of indoor kitchens or if you don’t wish to reshape your kitchen, then you can get quirky. You can get an outdoor kitchen and host lavish parties in your backyard. Check out our list of best outdoor kitchen designs for your backyard.

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