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Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites for 2023

Wanting to download something and not being able to find the right site can be really annoying. Have you ever wondered what is the most-visited and best torrent sites for 2023? We have compiled a list of the best and most popular torrent sites for 2023 so you can find the movies, shows, software, and any other type of tech you want to download. 

Our list of the best torrent sites for 2023 includes some of the heavyweight sites like ThePirateBay. One of the best things about our list of most popular torrent websites is that most of them stay intact regardless of the efforts t take them down. A bit of these website have had some troubles over the year, but not much has changed in the “most popular torrent website” lists. 

Latest Torrent Websites 

During our valuation of this year’s most popular torrent sites for 2023, we came across some new websites that have a lot of promise. There’s one gaming torrent website named “Fitgirl Repacks” that is great for those who love playing games. Let’s start with our list of best torrent websites for 2022. 

Most Popular Torrent Sites 2023

1. The Pirate Bay – Popular Torrent Sites

The Pirate Bay has been running for 16 years and it still remains one of the best torrent websites among users. The website definitely faced substantial downtime during 2018, since it came live, things have been going perfectly for the torrent client. 

It has millions of torrents spread across multiple categories, it also provides support for magnet links. The UI of the website is very simple but you may come across some occasional pop-up ads during your visit. 

  • 6.2 Mbps average download speed
  • World’s most popular torrent site
  • Largest collection of movies, TV Shows, games, software, and more.

2. RARBG – Best Torrents Site

RARBG has remained quite steady in recent years but last years before that were pretty tough for the website. RARBG is among the most popular websites for 2021, it operates over multiple domain names also known as RARBG torrent proxy. RARBG came into existence in 2008 and it is famous for 4K videos and movies. 

Another reason it is one of the best torrent websites is that it is so easy to use. Unfortunately, being this popular causes it to be blocked in multiple countries. If you are in these countries, then you can use any of the best VPN services to access the website. 

  • 6.1 Mbps average download speed
  • Very active and helpful community
  • A wide range of torrents
  • A custom made top 10 lists of movies, shows, music and etc

3. 1337x – Best Torrent Website

1337x is one of the best torrent websites 2023 as it can help you find a torrent even if you don’t know the particular website for it. The whole website UI is simple and intuitive. Just recently, the website went under a complete makeover which was focused on removing serious security risks. 

The website is slowly climbing the ranks, it soon may turn into the best torrent site. The website does have some NSFW ads so we would recommend you not to open the site at work. 

  • 4.2 Mbps average download speed.
  • Great variety of movies, apps, TV shows, games, and more.
  • Renovated interface has made the website much better.

4. TorLock – Popular Torrent Website for Ebooks

What makes TorLock one of the most popular torrent websites for 2021 is its collection of anime and Ebooks. TorLock has a huge list of torrents combined with a brilliant user experience. 

Some stuff will be hard to find on other torrent websites, but you are sure to find them on TorLock. The website contains over 4.8 million torrents to choose from. 

  • 4.4 Mbps average download speed
  • A huge collection of anime, ebooks, and music.
  • Top 100 list to help you find trending content. 

5. Torrentz2 – popular Torrentz website

Torrentz2 is the updated version of the popular Torrentz website. While the name has changed, the site interface has remained pretty much the same. The primary focus of the website is still music so it’s shouldn’t surprise you to find decade-old torrents with 20+ seeders. 

Some small changes have been made to the magnet links of the website, Torrentz2 is the best torrent site for 2021 for those who love music. This doesn’t mean that the website isn’t just dedicated to music, it also contains some torrents that may be hard to find. 

  • 2 Mbps average download speed
  • Wide array of music torrents

6. YTS – Torrent Sites for 2022

YTS is one of the most popular torrent sites in 2023 as it contains a wide range of movies. Another thing that makes YTS one of the best torrents sites is that all the movie titles come with downloadable subtitles. Almost all the torrents are really easy on your bandwidth, which is one of the reasons users prefer this site so much. 

Overall, the YTS torrent website is famous for movies, but it doesn’t offer any torrents for games, movies, and TV shows so you’ll have to choose some other torrent site. 

  • 3.2 Mbps average download speed.
  • The Best movie collection out of all the torrent websites.
  • Ideal torrent for users with limited bandwidth. 

7. EZTV – Torrent Sites for TV Shows

EZTV hasn’t always had the best luck in staying up, but that’s all in the past. Currently, EZTV is one of the best torrent sites for TV shows. It has millions of active users worldwide. 

If you wish to download TV shows, then EZTV is your ideal choice for a website. You can find the latest hit TV shows, recently aired episodes, or even sports programmings. 

  • 3.2 Mbps average download speed.
  • Great variety of TV shows.
  • Has a very active community.

8. FitGirl Repacks – Best Torrent Sites for Game

As we mentioned above, FitGirl Repacks is one of the best torrent websites for games. You should know that FitGirl Repacks isn’t a traditional torrent site. It is maintained by a popular group that releases a cracked version of all the popular games.

Although you can only download the games only a limited amount of time. It is without a doubt one of the best torrent sites for gaming. 

  • 3.2 Mbps average download speed. 
  • A wide variety of TV shows. 

9. Zooqle

Zooqle is another torrent website for gaming. It also contains over 37,000 movies and 600 TV shows. All this is very impressive if you consider the fact that this torrent site is quite new in the industry. 

The website has a great collection of games for download. We are pretty sure that the website will grow by a lot in the future. 

  • 2.6 Mbps average download speed.
  • More than 3 million secure torrents. 
  • Good balance of entertainment torrent and gaming torrent.

10. TorrentDownloads

TorrentDownloads is the last website on our list of most popular torrent websites. While it ranks last on our list, it doesn’t mean it’s not good. TorrentDownloads keeps their interface very tidy, If all the other websites failed you in finding a particular torrent, then this website can help you. 

The website is blocked by several ISPs in a number of countries, so using a VPN service while using the website might be your best choice. 

  • 2.8 Mbps average download speed.
  • Huge torrent library.
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