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What is SCP 579? Understanding SCP-579, Powers, How to Find It?

Recently, the O5 Council has decided that as SCP-579 is a powerful ZK Class scenario causer, and the information about this entity is pretty obscure, and doesn’t come up during regular research it will be hidden from view by an effect named “Scare dimension”. Only those who need it will be able to access SCP 79.

In this article, we will explain what SCP 579 is, its powers, and where you can find it. Let’s start. 

Where is SCP 579 Located?

SCP 579 is located in a small town called Independence, MO.

Interaction Between SCP 579 and SCP 055?

It is identified with the primary iteration of the archive, with the notice that it says that its info hazard and versatile to changes. Utilizing and then combining SCP 055 and 579 together to make archives unchangeable, so can prevent all the inclusive reboots. Thus cautioning the post-reboot organization of the mistakes made by the pre-reboot organization. 

In this way, it warns the post-reboot organization of all the mistakes made by the pre-reboot organization.

Presumably, the documentation of the incident is as evident as it ever will be. In the end, the faculty influence of 2998 will not have the options to make changes. 

The right answer is either [DATA EXPUNGED] or simply passing on it to the pursuer’s own creative mind.

What is SCP 579 Declassified?

While it is commonly thought that it’s an unknown cosmic eldritch abomination. It is also believed that the SCP-579 has been present within the minds of every single human in existence. 

Connection Between SCP 579 and SCP 5000?

Originally showed up in the SCP 57u9’s regulation room out of nowhere made up of light containing the body of Pietro Wilson. Pietro Wilson is a representative of the foundation, and his body was found in spite of the fact that he’s still alive. Pietro has no idea of anything happening in the data logs or the SCP-5000 itself. 

How Does the Timeline Reset with SCP-055and SCP 579?

Ultimately, the whole planet is a warzone, and some foundation survivors have chosen to toss 055 into 579. 

While they were successfully able to accomplish this task, one event still remains. The Foundation is still aware of this because they were able to document 2998 alien invasions before passing them off as glitches.

“So it seems like 055 and 579 have reset the universe while causing something to happen, which will prevent disasters from happening again. This is a huge victory for our side!”

“Israfil” An SCP-579 Story

The tale is an incredible piece of fiction. A growing agitation with nothing to solidify the horror behind it, and restricting it via depiction. 

The real passage it comes from? Well, it’s one of those sections that seems like it has every single one of the bases shrouded in control. In any case, if you look hard, the main thing that it’s covered by all accounts is the section itself. It’s a “nothing” section. 

What Was SCP 579?

The story of SCP 579 can easily leave you feeling relieved and disturbed at the same time. The cosmic eldritch abomination seems to have existed within our minds since the time immemorial. Although, no one knows for sure what it could truly do, or how we can get rid of them. 

What is SCP 579?

Site-62C is a compound that currently houses SCP-579, it’s located almost 80 km away from Site 59. Non-essential personnel aren’t aware of its existence unless they’re involved in the containment procedure of the object.

Site-47 is the home to one of the world’s most dangerous entities, SCP-579. This creature was encased in a 30m x 30m x 3 meters (thick) unit made from [DATA EXPUNGED], which houses it and provides containment for the staff that has to monitor the object 24×7 without being able to touch or taste anything by themselves. 

The division of high command deals with information that’s too sensitive to broadcast. That staff consists of two teams (each containing 17 level 1 personnel and 3 level 2 personnel). These teams rotate biweekly so that no team has any knowledge beyond what other members may know.

By using this security measure, we can ensure classified data stays safe from external threats like leaks or infiltration.

SCP 579 Explained

It consists of a building housing SCP-575 in quarters for containment spell. SCP 517 (the creature) is captured in a 30m x 30m x 3 meter (thick) unit made out of [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP 579 is kept suspended in the air using electromagnets permanently. Site-47 is equipped with hardline to high counsel, who are in charge of all reports and notifications. 

The staff consists of two teams. Both teams have the same members (17 level one personnel and 3 level 2 personnel, and one level 4 personnel), and these are to be rotated weekly. All instruments are checked every 30 minutes to make sure that they continue functioning optimally. Any changes in any measured attributes have to be reported immediately to high command. 

Any instrument or electronic device registering more than 0.2 percent of its median range of function. Any errors or lapses in functioning will result in automatic executions of actions 3-6 being refilled.

Teams have to make constant reports to the high command. If a report isn’t received within 7 minutes of the scheduled time, action 10-Israfil-A is made. No one has the right or the authority to take any actions regarding SCP-579 except the ones mentioned above.

Understanding 597-001

The successful execution of Action 10-Israfil-B will release all the documents regarding SCP-579 to all the personnel involved. Do keep in mind that even after an event has happened, it’s estimated that it will take at least 1 year or less before more copies will be found and released. 

If the SCP-579 is mentioned in any way by [DATA EXPUNGED], that person has to be treated as a hostile entity. 

SCP-579 Occupation

The Apollyon, a.k.a “Keter” Class SCP of the Foundation is an entity that knows how to lie and trick other SCPs into believing their classification. Even though they don’t exist or their classification has been changed, possibly because The Center For Information Control doesn’t want anyone else besides themselves knowing about these entities. 

SCP-579 Powers and Skills

  • Reality-Guidance
  • Notion Manipulation

It is also believed that SCP 597 can access entrance into a measurement where the function of human race consciousness was previously overseen. 

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