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Winx MediaTrans Review: The Perfect iTunes Alternative for Windows Users?

Winx MediaTrans is great and according to most users, it performs far better than iTunes for transferring data. iTunes is one of the biggest media players, libraries, and a mobile management app for all iPhone, and iPad users. As of right now, there are over 1 billion active iPhones on the planet, and not every user has a Macbook to make the data transfer process simple. If you are an iPhone user yourself, then you must know how important iTunes can be. It can be used to play, download and manage digital multimedia content such as videos and music. If your device starts running out of data, and you need to transfer data to your Macbook, then it’s a simple process. When it comes to transferring data from iPhone or iPad to Windows PC, it’s a challenging task to accomplish.

It’s not easy to download iTunes, but that’s just the beginning of the problem. iTunes is prone to freezing, crashing and it’s not too wrong to say that the experience is frustrating. So, instead of tuning into iTunes, just start using Winx MediaTrans. Out of all the file-sharing tools we’ve tried and tested, Winx MediaTrans takes the top rankings. You can download Winx MediTrans free and try it out today.

Winx MediaTrans Overview

As the name suggests, Winx MediaTrans is a media transfer software. It doesn’t have the most flashy interface but it gets the job done. One of the best things is that you can join their giveaway program and download Winx MediaTrans free. When you open Winx MediaTrans, you see a menu with 7 options:

  • Photo Transfer
  • Music Manager
  • Video
  • Book
  • Voice & Ringtone
  • Flash Drive
  • Settings

You also get information about the device connected to your computer. Unlike iTunes, Winx MediaTrans is fast, seamless, and works almost perfectly. Any iTunes user knows the struggle that goes behind in data transfer. Before you even get to data transfer, you have to sit through iTunes trying to make sense of all the data it has to go through. Compared to iTunes, MediaTrans is a simple process.

Winx MediaTrans Photo Transfer

Most iPhone users would want to use Winx MediaTrans to transfer photos to the computer. The data transfer is one-way, which means you can’t transfer data back to your iPhone. The reason behind that is simple, even the smallest changes in the iPhone photos folder can cause you to corrupt and lose your entire gallery. 

Using Winx MediaTrans to export files is simple. Your photos will show up on your desktop, you select the photos you want to export and click on the export button. That’s it. That’s all you have to do to transfer photos from iPhone or iPad to Windows. 

Winx MediaTrans Music and Ringtone Transfer

iTunes is tremendously bad at managing music, which is ironic. With Winx MediaTrans you can copy music from your phone to your PC. 

To transfer data from your PC to iPhone, Winx MediaTrans supports MP3, AAC, M4A, flax, ape, WAV, WMA, OFF, and OGA audio formats. All you have to do is pick a file on your desktop and click on sync.

On your iPhone and iPad, you’ll find the songs in your Music app. If you want to transfer music from your iPhone or iPad device to the PC, it’s pretty simple. Just choose the music on your phone, and click on export. This works for both files, that you transferred from a computer or downloaded from the iOS music app.

One feature that we can’t get over with is that Winx MediaTrans lets you create ringtones. To make that happen, you have to select a song and click on the Make Ringtone icon. The next window will allow you to choose a 40-second section from the song to convert into a ringtone. You can also use iTunes to create ringtones, but the process is just too complicated. 

Winx MediaTrans Video Transfer

What makes Winx MediaTrans the easiest way to transfer data between iPhone and iPad and computer is their video transfer feature. With the tool, you can also convert almost anyone video file format to an iOS-compatible file format. To do so, just add a video, choose the file and click the button “convert”.

Then these videos get saved into the video folder of your phone or tablet. How convenient is that? Coming back to data transfer, the process is pretty similar to music data transfer. Supported video formats are mp4, Rmvb, WMV, Avi, Mkv, MOV, m4v, Flv, asf, 3gp, ts, Ogg, 3g2, and f4v.

Winx MediaTrans Voice and Podcast Transfer

The Voice & Ringtone & Podcast section is a not-needed feature as the music feature handles all the challenges by itself. This feature is also the most complicated feature on the platform. In theory, you can transfer podcasts from your iPhone and iPad, but during our testing, we found it complicated and not an intuitive feature. The only way this is useful is that it can help in managing songs and podcasts in separate folders.

There’s also a screen you can use to transfer voice memos, but this is also a one-way process.

Winx MediaTrans Flash Transfer

This is where things get great. The flash drive feature allows you to use your iOS device’s internal storage to store any type of file. These files can’t be accessed through your phone itself. So if you need to store something confidential on your phone, and don’t want anyone accessing it this is a great feature. It’s one of the rarest features that you’ll ever find in any file transfer software so it makes Winx MediaTransfer a great solution. 

Conclusion: Winx MediaTrans

When it comes to file transfer from iPhone or iPad to Windows PC, there’s no competition to Winx MediaTrans. It’s a brilliant way to transfer music, photos, videos, and podcasts from an iOS device to a computer. 

Now that they’re running a giveaway program, you can get Winx MediaTrans for free. This means you don’t have to rely on slower and more annoying software for data transfer. 

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