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Penji Review: Ultimate Graphic Designing Agency?

Graphic designing is not just the creation of images and videos, it’s an art. Graphic designers all over the globe take pride in their work and the artwork they create for businesses. Just like everything, not all graphic designers are the same, not all graphic designing agencies are great. 

In this review, we’ll talk about Penji, a well-known graphic designing agency hailing from Camden, NJ. Before we dive into our Penji Review, let’s get the basics of graphic designing out of the way.

The Art of Graphic Design

Unlike popular opinion, there’s a lot of thought and effort that goes into developing creatives. Indifferent to the past, graphic designing is more than just â€ścreating a photo/video for a business for blogs”

Just like all businesses, graphic designing has evolved. And with some of the top-notch, graphic designing software, it’s now possible to create animated videos, 3D videos, 4K and 8K videos at any given time. Now, graphic designers use amazing software to build creatives and videos that represent a brand’s image. That’s in the realm of services offered by Penji.

Penji Overview

If you don’t want to spend money on an in-house team and if you’re tired of hiring freelancers, then Penji can be the best solution for you. Penji is a graphic designing service that can save you the trouble of setting up interviews, taking interviews, and then vetting a team. Plus, you can save a lot of time and money in terms of hiring and managing a team.

If you want, you can check out their website to get an idea of their works. And obviously, you’ll want to know about their pricing structure. You can do that too on the Penji Pricing page. 

As we’re giving a review about Penji’s services, here’s the basic price $399/mo in which you get unlimited graphic designers without a contract (what can be better than no contract).

When you sign up for Penji’s services, you can submit as many projects and changes you want for Logos, infographics, blog images, social media creatives. And the best part is that there are no hidden costs. According to customer reviews, most design requests are accomplished fairly quickly. 

The Penji Graphic designing team can create almost everything for you, such as:

  • Logos
  • Infographics
  • Website images
  • Landing pages
  • Apps creatives
  • Social media creatives
  • Illustrations

Who Should Use Penji Graphic Designing Service?

Well, not every business is the same so they can’t use the same kind of services. So if you’re in the market for a graphic designing service, then how do you decide if Penji is the ideal service provider for you?

During our initial assessment of Penji’s graphic designing services, here’s a list of businesses and entities we think it’ll be perfect for:

  • Digital marketing agencies looking for freelance graphic designers instead of an in-house team. 
  • Bloggers and websites that want creatives for all the content that they publish.
  • Individual firms with huge creatives and video content needs.
  • Businesses with PPC, social media, and on-page SEO strategies.

Perks of Working with Penji

We’ve covered almost all there is to learn about Penji graphic designing service. Here’s what we liked best about their services:

  • If you work with clients who are all about productivity, then Penji is the perfect option for you. Penji Graphic Designing service takes a 5/5 from us in terms of productivity. Most of the image projects you submit will have a timely delivery. 
  • Penji is one of the rare graphic designing services that include app and web designing services. 
  • It’s fairly easy to choose a plan, make the payments and sign up for their services. During your initial relationships, Penji will send you designs for your projects from different designers and you can choose the one you like the most. In a way, you’re getting a handpicked graphic designer without having to go through the trouble of hiring one. 
  • Their plans are simple, and there are no hidden fees. As you’re paying a fixed monthly fee, there’s no chance of you going over your marketing budget. 
  • Penji’s graphic designing team contains some of the top players from the industry. That’s the only way they can deliver on their promise of quality. Plus, the team is friendly and professional, a nice way of working. 
  • You can switch between graphic designers for different needs and just because you don’t like the quality of work. All you have to do is just ask. 
  • Almost all the projects that you submit will be finished in 24-48 hours. Plus, if you want minor changes (clients can be challenging), then you can use their daytime support. 
  • One of the best things about Penji is that they’re a company that doesn’t hesitate to give back to the community. They have a charitable program that helps the NPOs. 

Disadvantages of Working With Penji

It won’t be a review if we didn’t cover something we didn’t like about a service. As we mentioned above not all business needs are the same. There are chances that Penji may just not be the right service for you. Here are some of the things that may cause you not to choose Penji:

  • If your business doesn’t have a huge appetite for design work, then there’s just no reason for you to hire Penji’s services. If you have a need for just a few hours of graphic work, then it’d be better for you to hire a freelancer instead of having a whole agency working for you. 
  • There’s no way to communicate with the designers except by email or Penji dashboard. All of us can agree that it’s easier to explain your needs verbally instead of in some texts. If your business needs depend on talking to a designer, then it isn’t just possible. 
  • Building on the previous point, you need to provide details in the simplest way possible to make sure that you get the desired results. Communication mistakes are common and that’s why it’s easier to communicate via calls. 

Final Take: Penji, Worth It or Not?

We’ve covered pretty much everything about Penji. If you have any specific information you can always reach out to their incredibly helpful team. Overall, Penji is as good as they come. They’re one of the top graphic designing agencies out there and they’re making great strides in the industry. Competitive pricing, incredible designers, a helpful manager, and a pleasant experience make it all worthwhile.

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