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WordPress vs PHP: Which One is Better for Creating Website?

If we compare between PHP and WordPress then we can’t confirm that which one is better for creating a website.  WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) where PHP is a programming language. Comparing WordPress vs PHP is not easy.

WordPress Vs PHP : For Creating Website Best Platform

PHP: PHP is stands for Hypertext Preprocessor which we used for website development. PHP is open source programming language for creating web application.

WordPress: WordPress is Content Management System (CMS) that is made with HTML, CSS, JS, AJAX and PHP.


If we are making website in PHP framework then it’s more secure than WordPress. PHP is always using Custom Code so, it’s very difficult to broke the security. While in WordPress we are same types of theme and plugin, code are also same.


In WordPress many functions are same so, WordPress is not flexible. In PHP have function library, We can customize the function as per our requirement. When we talking about Flexibility then PHP framework is a good option.

User Experience

If you want to change, add, edit and update information easily then you can go with WordPress.

Digital Experience

WordPress provide some advantagein the SEO. Below are the some key elements for ON Page SEO.

SEO Friendly URL Structure: WordPress plugin able to creating URL Structure SEO friendly in which we can implement our target keyword.

Meta Tags: Meta Title and Description are most important part of SEO. We can update Meta Title and Description manually.

Optimized Image: You can easily optimize the images with image ALT Tag, Description and more.

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