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Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset – Complete Review

Logitech is one of the best brands that gamers know about. So, it makes sense that there will be a lot of hype around the latest G Pro X Gaming headset. 

One of the best things about Logitech is that it’s easy to figure out the differences between the models of devices. All the top series contain the alphabet G Pro and this can be for headphones, mice, and keyboards. 

So, in this guide, we will be reviewing the Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset. 

Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset

Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset – First Impressions 

In terms of design, you won’t find too much difference between the Logitech G Pro X and Logitech G Pro. The major difference that we could find is the Blue microphone technology, which is definitely a huge step up. 

Currently, the headset costs around $119.99 which is a competitive price for similar headsets.

Unboxing Experience of Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset 

Logitech G Pro X Review

As soon as you hold the box in your hand, you’ll feel the superiority and it feels like a premium product. On the front of the box, there’s a huge photo of the headphones, and the font is exciting.

On the sides of the box, you’ll find tons of information about the headphones. Inside the thick cardboard box is the other stuff.

The box contains:

  • Logitech G Pro X Headphones
  • Velour earpads set
  • USB Adapter
  • 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable
  • 3.5mm splitter
  • 3.5mm to 3.55 phone cable
  • Carrying pouch

A Closer Look At the Design – Logitech G Pro X 

As soon as you open the box, you’ll be able to appreciate the headset in all its glory. It offers the best design and quality you can ask for. The earcups have a matte black color while there’s a silver mirror-like finish on top of the earcups. The Logitech logo is available on both sides of the headphone. 

Logitech G Pro X

The build quality is superior as the headset is made out of a soft leatherette headband, metal frame, and plastic earcups. The shiny logo on both sides is made out of metal and the frame holding the soft headband is also metal. This makes sure that there’s no creaking in the headphones. If you’re a hardcore gamer, then you can rely on these headphones as they’re made for sturdy use. 

The headphones come equipped with 50 mm dynamic drivers and an over-ear closed-back headset. The closed-back design makes it perfect for those who game professionally. It allows gamers to focus on the game, and ignore surrounding sounds.

Connectivity Review – Logitech G Pro X Gaming 

Probably the best thing about Logitech G Pro X Gaming is that it comes with a range of wires. With these wires, you can connect with any device you want. You get a standard 3.5mm to 3.55 cable that’s detachable. If you don’t want to use that and if you have a sound card, you can use the single 3.5mm to dual 3.5mm splitter and use it to connect to the PC directly. 

Logitech G Pro X  Frequency

If you want to use the headset for a mobile phone, then you can use the separate cable that comes included in the box. With the default cable, you can control the volume of your headset which makes it handy while playing games. 

Additional Features Logitech G Pro X

One of the biggest reasons to use the Logitech G Pro X is the USB DAX cable that allows users to achieve virtual 7.1 surround sound. This feature is not limited to just this headset, it’s also available in other headsets as well. This allows the users to have a wider perspective of the environment, especially if they’re playing FPS games. This headset also supports DTS 7.1 technology, which isn’t as good as it’s supposed to be. Pro tip: You’re better off using the headphones in the stereo mode for gaming instead of surround sound. 

Logitech G Pro X  Frequency Response

Compared to some other gaming headsets we’ve tried, the Logitech G Pro X offers better frequency response.  The low bass of the headphones is super accurate which offers just the right amount of thump. The high bass is emphasized, and it sometimes causes a bit of muddy sound, especially in the low mids. 

The mids however are pretty accurate. If there’s an issue, it’s with low-mids which is the same bump that was in the high bass. This may lead to a slight thickness in the vocals and some instruments but shouldn’t be noticeable to most common users, especially gamers. 

When it comes to the highs, the consistency is amazing. They’re a bit under-emphasized in my opinion, but I don’t think it impacts the overall sound quality. 

Noise Cancellation Review – Logitech G Pro X 

No gaming headset is worth don’t offer any kind of noise cancellation. When it comes to Logitech G Pro X, there’s no active noise cancellation. There’s only passive noise cancellation, which is also called noise isolation. First off, since these are closed-back headphones, the noise isolation is pretty amazing. 

When it comes to low-frequency noise, the headphones are not too great at isolating the noise. You won’t be able to use the headphones during your daily commute and all the traffic noise is considered low-frequency noise. 

While you’re gaming, you’ll be able to focus completely on the game without any distractions even if people are talking around you. 

Microphone Quality – Logitech G Pro X 

Noise Cancellation Review

If you’ll be gaming with your friends, then you’ll need a great microphone. Luckily for you, the Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset comes with a great microphone. These headphones come with Blue Microphone technology, which is a very popular company that designs dedicated microphones. 

Tons of YouTubers use Blue Snowball and Blue Yeti microphones that offer extreme value for money. 

The microphone on this headset is a boom microphone which uses a flexible frame for adjustment. Most manufacturers use the same design in their headsets as it’s easy to use for the users. There is a small pop filter on the microphone that prevents the popping effects to go through in the audio. 

If you compare this headset’s microphone with other devices, then it doesn’t perform really well. The overall quality of these microphones is the best for the price. 

Conclusion – Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset Review

At its core, the Logitech G Pro X Gaming headset is amazing. It has tried to fix a lot of issues that are present in other gaming headsets. The comfort offered by these headsets is amazing. They’re soft, they’re sturdy, and offer great sounds. 
Even though the headphones have a metal frame, the weight is pretty low, and they weigh just around 300 grams. If you’re looking for a brand new gaming headset, then you definitely need to try the Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset out.

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