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Magento Key Features for Increase Your Sales and Traffic

Magento platform was built with SEO skill in the attention. Magento Key Features will increase chances to products visibility in Google, Bing. There’s also custom SEO implementations for those who have a expertise and accomplishment to do this activity.

Key Features of Magento

1. Advance Search Engine Optimisation:

Magento is known for ability up with mobile web design standards and providing advanced SEO solutions at the same time. Mobile visitors expects to have a good actions when landing page on a certain website. If website appease them properly, opportunities are that they will promote browsing on the webpages. However website is not mobile friendly then first make it a mobile friendly. Because it will interrupt the positive user experience, thus visitor leave the website. Website optimisation score will decrease.

Latest SEO Ranking:

Latest SEO ranking factors provide great URL structure and meta-implementation options appropriate for SEO. Magento also cover the analytics for tracking visitors flow. This is one of the most outstanding features of magento.

2. Built Up-sells and Cross Sells:

Using Magento, you can comfortably to browse related options on products as well as checkout pages, Present compatible accessories, same product cross-sells & more in the margins.

3. Configuration Must be Mobile Friendly:

Magento website is responsive with mobile, tablets and other smartphones. Mobile shopping cart is developed with a fully mobile responsive.

4. Easy Third Party Integrations:

Connect your eCommerce experience with Ebay, Paypal, MailChimp, google shopping, quickbooks and more. The platform also allows shop owners to add google analytics and other such third party integration to their site to aid in data analysis.

5. Google Service with Magento:

Magento platform has confirm itself in ability and performance by shaking hands with the search engine giant google. Many services of google like google analytics, transferring content and convert orders placed by customers. As a consequence, businesses can come up with better approach to appeal to more up with better strategies to attract more of their destination audience.

6. Search Engine Friendly URL:

Magento allows you to customize the URL of whole pages from the website to identify your product, even if there is only a picture of it on the page by magento developers.

7. Customize Security Permissions:

Manage magento websites with options to customize multiple levels of security levels of security permissions. Security comes standard, login screens with CAPTCHA-equipped or other extra aegis against undesirable abominable.

8. Saves Your Money and Time:

Magento is open source, resigned an expansive library of custom extensions developed by that

Preceding worldwide community. It means you will share your magento users to save yourself building from ground up in most cases. You can also manage multiple ecommerce stores using one president of magento.

9. Magento Most Viewed Products:

Magento provides a great functionality to see most viewed products from backend which give help to know. Which of the best products is top list in order to target those pages to new customers. This will also supports you to your business find the Key features from the searched and most viewed products.

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