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Top 10 Free Website Builders in 2022

In recent years, building a website is becoming enjoyable and mostly painless. You can easily forget coding and abstruse terms such as HTML and FTP. As you might expect, many website builders have free options that allow you to create your own website. A PC, and an internet browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, are all you need. Moreover, you can choose from various website builders for beginners, bloggers, website builders for artists, and so on.

When It Makes Sense To Use A Free Website Builder?

A decent website builder takes care of all the issues that frequently arise when building your ideal website. Don’t you believe it ought to be basic and uncomplicated?

The website builder is indeed the ideal DIY alternative. You don’t need to spend anything upfront to get started. By using website builders, developers may be hired without incurring additional fees. Developers might be pricey and sometimes cannot realize your concept as well as you can.

But hold on—we’re discussing free website builders. Can I obtain the same quality without paying someone for it, you ask? If all you need is a place to host your e-commerce site, blog, corporate website, or anything similar, you can certainly do that using today’s free website builders.

Your time spent studying and creating your online home will be the sole expense.

What’s Important In A Free Website Builder?

I can’t suggest just about any free website builder, as I stated before. There is a lot of garbage software available these days for every decent piece. I choose to test these builders in order to search for the following things:

  • Elegant, Practical Templates –  Not a website that appears like it was created in the 1990s, but one that genuinely looks excellent.
  • Usefulness – What use is software that is difficult to use? Many people overlook free website builders because of their cost, but if you’re attempting to launch a business, you don’t want to spend days trying to find out the UI. Site builders that allow you to quickly drag and drop pieces onto the site and position them anywhere you want are my favorites.
  • Design Flexibility – Just because a website builder seems free, it shouldn’t preclude you from creating a wholly original website. All of these website builders provide you ample freedom to construct a site that is distinctive to you and your company, even if some of them will allow you to personalize your website more than others.
  • Simple and Cheap Site Upgrades – If your website performs very well, it may begin to generate income from advertising, leads for your company, or other sources. You need to be aware that you may increase the functionality of your website without having to invest a lot of money.

Best Website Builders To Pick From

Here are the best website builders available.

#1: Wix

For a long time, Wix has led the website builder market and has been steadily improving. As a result, also has one of the site builders with the most features available, and it shows.

With a few noteworthy exclusions, including e-commerce, Wix also provides one of the finest free plans available, giving you access to practically all features without charge.

#2: Webnode

Webnode just totally redesigned its editor, making it look more contemporary. They introduced responsive and fashionable themes. It’s unfortunate that after you’ve decided on a theme, you can’t select another entirely.

I used to like Webnode’s free plan due to how unobtrusive its footer advertisement was. But it just made the decision to shift course. Free websites now prominently show a large, conspicuously blue banner advertisement that, regrettably, doesn’t go away as you scroll down on the page.

#3: Weebly

One of the most popular website builders, Weebly, used to be at the top of our rating table until being purchased by Square. The platform has since been used only seldom. Despite this, it still merits a spot on our list of free website builders since it has excellent usability (due to its simple drag and drop editor) as well as an App Center with extra capabilities.

#4: WordPress

WordPress offers all the functionality you need in a handy package to manage a profitable blog. Choose a theme for your website from the many available options, then customize it to appear the way you want.

The possibilities for your blog are virtually endless with WordPress. Due to the bewildering variety of themes, extensions, features, and tools at your disposal, it is readily adaptable.

#5: Strikingly

One of the easiest website editors is provided by strikingly. You can create a complete one-page website with it in about 30 minutes. Wow, that’s quick.

You can construct the finest landing page you’ve ever made without spending any money in one hour.

#6: Hostinger

Web hosting is a common feature of site builders, but it might be difficult to trust the basic hosting that comes with a free website builder.

Both issues may be resolved with Hostinger since you can host your website for as little as $1.99 per month and choose from a variety of reliable website builders.

A variety of potent yet economical hosting options are available from Hostinger. Yes, that means you’ll have to spend a little more upfront, but your website will benefit from better web hosting as a result.

#7: GoDaddy

Anyone wishing to build a simple, straightforward website quickly should choose GoDaddy. With its ADI capability, which creates your site dependent on a few answers to questions, it is rather user-friendly.

#8: SITE123

The simplest free website builder, according to the motto of SITE123, Although it often feels like I have, I haven’t used every site builder in existence, and I can assure you that SITE123 makes it quite simple to launch a website. Actually, I was capable of creating mine in under ten minutes, complete with blog pages.

#9: Zyro

Zyro is another tool that easily falls in the category of extremely user-friendly builders because of its clear drag-and-drop editor. Although it’s not quite as ludicrously easy as SITE123, it’s close.

However, the slight increase in complexity is worthwhile. Zyro provides you with much more design flexibility than SITE123. You can almost place pieces on a page anywhere you like with the drag-and-drop editor.

#10: Jimdo

Over 100 attractive themes, a respectable site builder tool, a solid free plan, several add-ons, and e-commerce options are all available with Jimdo. Jimdo can take care of your company’s email hosting requirements, the templates look beautiful, and there is a significant emphasis on SEO and marketing services. Overall, the bundle is strong.


Do you require room to be creative? With Wix, which allows you to personalize almost every element of your website, you can’t go wrong. Do you only need a simple website that you can launch right away? You’ll adore SITE123’s ease of use.

You should compare the selected features of each platform and the kind of websites each one is geared at since many of the free packages for website builders are comparable. Last but not least, you shouldn’t have to accept too many sacrifices while creating a free website!

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